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Amber HanleyAmber Hanley:Eighty-eight meters in the final two and a half minutes remaining in Super Bowl XLIII, Ben Roethlisberger led the Steelers in one of the large units, to win the game in football history.
Of course, it was just a little help from your receiver Santonio Holmes, who make up only a parade of 73 of these places. But in a broader sense, the game takes place in particular – are likely to be immortal – the situation in the center, which had grown up idolizing John Elway. If Roethlisberger, who wears No. 7 in honor of Elway, it was great, and sometimes reckless, vulnerable to improvisation, and the magnificence of both incidents, and that was certainly a winner.
It is worth mentioning that Elway did not win the Super Bowl until his fourth attempt, when he was 36. Roethlisberger, however, was 23 when she won the first and the youngest player at the beginning to win one. Of 27 and added a game-winning Super Bowl Forthe appeal.But unit now, only a week’s birthday, Eid eliminate the 28, I was reminded once again that every victory does not give any special status beyond the white lines. Ability to maintain composure in the second, final frantic Prince Alwaleed is, unfortunately, not a signal of the dignity of man. With a civil suit for sexual assault were pending, Roethlisberger is the subject of a criminal investigation by the commission of the crime itself.
The best I can say here is that Big Ben in a doping and the donkey that he came to support the precious jerky.
The next best? Behavior deserves close scrutiny in the context of Commissioner Goodell in the “zero tolerance” policy.
But there is another possible outcome: the indictment. Criminal charges ultimately could resolve the debate about whether black and white quarterback quarterbacks are held to different standards in the press and the public. (Hey, if there is evidence that Michael thought it was harassment – even before the dog fighting charges – not enough to stare at Roethlisberger of the ignorant).
But we will not reach this stage, at least not according to the testimony given on Monday by his lawyer, Ed Garland and valuable. “No sexual assault took place,” said Garland. “… And the fact that the facts should lead to the end of this investigation without any criminal charges.”
The NFL has been very good for Garland. His clients include Ray Lewis (murder, which was taken by a misdemeanor after discovering the secrets of his friends), Jamal Lewis (who was a period of four months only for his leadership role in the weight of the federal drug case) , Pacman Jones (who received a suspended sentence and 200 hours of community service after being charged with two counts of strip-club brawl that left one man paralyzed).
This is good news for Roethlisberger, the defendant. But what about the Super Bowl champion?
I think men. Once again, we’ll take the best. I’m not saying Roethlisberger is a rapist. I know that, at some level, and said he was suffering from the disease itself, which Garland affected by other clients: a star player in the sense of entitlement.
At this point, the most eloquent testimony Roethlisberger image can come from Amber Hanley, 21, a student at Georgia College and State University in Milledgeville, Georgia, which was the privilege of meeting in the VIP area of the capital, a local pub, last Thursday night.
Associated Press: “We asked the Center to take a picture with her boyfriend, who was a fan, but seemed disappointed that all I wanted. Hanley said he rolled his eyes, and invited them to Roethlisberger expletive and walked away. Later, Roethlisberger was to beat the other girl, “said Hanley.”
Does not take much to imagine what the expletive. The story did not seem real, right?
Still later, for a 20-year-old student claimed she was assaulted by Roethlisberger, who was at least one bar that night in the bathroom at the club.
Again, it is not my job by the man, and I suppose the best. So here is the man who was a celebrity at least five years at least. In the period of his fame coincided with the era of camera phones and the like.
But it seems to serve no warning. In fact, from now you may be aware of the vaccine with blunt Roethlisberger T-shirt that says “drink like a champion.” Hottie of the smiley face, but Big Ben can barely open his eyes. This is a manifestation of the gullible.
Two Super Bowl rings. U.S. $ 102 million. And it continues to make shots with college students. Way to go, champ.

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