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July 19, 2011 by USA Post 

Amazon To Start Renting E TextbooksAmazon To Start Renting E Textbooks, Amazon recently launched a service Kindle textbook rental compete with other services designed to save some money to college students. Here’s a look at how the textbooks of e-programs to compare. You can send an e-textbooks and accompanying services market exchange rental editorial college? That test. Students are increasingly familiar and comfortable with electronics using a variety of platforms, operating systems, and manufacturers know it. Amazonas is the latest to offer an e-book vacation rentals for students, but only the first and has lots of competitors vying for hard to reach by the University of the children of dollars. The promises of instant savings and accessibility are just some of the temptations are launching e-readers to academics, but here’s a breakdown of how a handful of these services compare.

Kindle Textbook Rental
Savings: According to Amazon, you can save up to 80 percent of list price of a textbook print (hardcover edition).

Time Restrictions: between 30 and 360 days. You pay the exact amount of time you need a book, you can always add more time or buy the text.

Database: Amazon says it has “tens of thousands” of textbook rental mail.

Features: Parking Kindle textbook includes note taking and highlighting features, which can be accessed at any time Also available after your lease period is up. And when you pull your rent textbooks through the PC or Mac, Whispersync Amazon technology takes you to the place that left him in and gives you access to bookmarks or notes.

Platform: Access to rentals of Kindle books on your Kindle, of course (and 139, 3G, special offers), PC and Mac, or WP7, iPhone, Android or BlackBerry smartphone.

Pros: Amazon e-book rentals are available on almost any device, so you can keep the same central location for all their textbooks and access them through … anything: your laptop, your desktop, smartphone, the Kindle. It offers variety and is ideal for someone who works on multiple devices or dedicated to a single platform.

Pros: Its complementary characteristics are not as rich as competitors – most importantly NOOKStudy. Highlighting and annotations are included and can be accessed even after returning the book, but there is a central hub for college students.

Savings: Barnes & Noble says you can save up to 60 percent off list prices.

Time Restrictions: The service is free, and with every purchase you have seven days free trial of the textbook before purchasing. Unfortunately there is no option of renting an e-textbook NOOKStudy. You can rent physical textbooks, however, 60, 90, or 130 days at a time (of course this means you can not highlight or marking of the book at all, and eliminates the amenities that come along with digital copies).

Database: rent textbooks of physics – thousands of books, textbooks, e shopping – even in the. “Thousands” In their FAQ, Barnes & Noble said, “we realize that they’re many titles not yet available. ” You can apply, though.

Characteristics: Although your e-textbook service does not include the rent and cannot be accessed through one’s Nook, where the focus is NOOKStudy digital academic lies. It is completely equipped to complete the college courses that include more than just digital note taking. You can basically complete their academic program to digitize, store your homework and class materials and take notes online and research in e-textbook that has been rented. Of course, all this must be done from a traditional PC and not a mobility option that can be seen just a little harder: instead of pulling the corner in his backpack to take to class, you need a laptop.

Platform: NOOKStudy is accessible via PC and Mac.

Pros: Those who like physical keyboards prefer this system. If you want to maximize everything a-service and possible courses can bring to the table, you may want a more traditional workspace anyway. And NOOKStudy has much to offer.

Pros: small (but growing) database, rent-free electronic textbooks (only seven-day trial)

Savings: The application itself is free. Kno says it can save 30-50 percent off list price.

Time constraints: only buy books through Kno, but you get a guarantee of 15 day money back if you drop the class or decide not to buy the book, after all (or, more likely, get the you need out of it and then your money back).

Database: 70,000 textbooks

Features: Kno includes some basic but useful features. You will have access to a manager of course, the chapter preview function, markers and digital sticky notes, and the accessibility of PDF. There is also a social networking feature called Words to the friends that lets you post on Facebook or Twitter, commenting on some of its e-textbooks.

Platform: iPad.

Pros: If you have an iPad, you love your iPhone – it’s basically a science. Kno has a huge database to pull, and can turn the electronic device that is fully dedicated to a central location for all your academic needs. It also has a very Apple-like user interface, and it is pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate.

Cons: Of course, the tablets are everywhere and are not an elite device as used to be. That said, there are still many students who cannot afford. It is a platform limitation and unilaterally unless you are dedicated to the IOS, you can find the materials in walls (ie, want to access their textbook or notes made with the campus library and computers the Windows operating system? It is a shame).

Savings: The application is free of suspicion. Purchase of electronic texts is by chapter, so you can pick and choose what you need from a book instead of buying the whole thing.

Time constraints: With its suspected download a free chapter is obtained, without rent.

Database: approximately 500 titles, the site says it has more electronic books in the way and also allows you to make requests.

Features: You can link your account to consider other users and share your notes … it is only useful as long as I know some other academic iPhone users. Like other competing services, which also has the embedding of Internet search, and interactive elements woven into the learning experience.

Platform: iPad.

Pros: The texts are beautifully suspicion for the iPad format, and the purchase by the chapter is a very clever way to market to students – many of the students. Are you studying the first week and the last class? Perfect. This scheme also addresses what e-textbooks are necessary: why students do not want to buy books. Most kinds of text jump around, taking parts of the book to supplement a lesson plan without taking into account other completely. Buy chapters means that you are saving the money you would have spent in the printed version.

Cons: Even if your database is growing evidence that currently do not have to pull both competitors. Available through iPad just means that it also faces the experience is limited, as Kno.

Savings: Savings vary widely.

Time constraints: 180 days subscription rentals, which can be extended if necessary. Not all books are available for purchase. If you cancel orders within 14 days, you get a full refund.

Database: Cheggue says it has thousands of e-textbooks.

Features: You can search, copy and print your e-books and digital note and function of note taking.

Platform: PC, web-based only.

Pros: If you have a laptop, you can use Cheggue. And if PC means you can probably access your account and materials through school computers. Cheggue environmentalists as the program look like this: every book rented or returned Cheggue means plant a tree.

Cons: Only available for PC and does not include the wide range of characteristics of many of its competitors. The service is available only through the Internet, putting users who want full-time access to their e-texts at a disadvantage. It is also not an e-book text search option on the site, which can be frustrating.

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