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September 13, 2011 by USA Post 

Amazon E-book RentalsAmazon E-book Rentals, The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that (AMZN) is in talks to start a Netflix (NFLX) to electronic books, allowing customers to subscribe to a virtual library of digital books.

Unfortunately, emerging data make this aspect of risk, such a ruling rare for the new king of the youngest, who has achieved great success in pushing the world towards its inevitable book digital future, among other things
According to the Wall Street Journal, Amazon has two big things right, at least in my mind:

1. Aggressively Publishers Settle

For publishers to play ball, Amazon plans to offer “a substantial fee” that is potentially greater than what Apple pays for access to books.

Amazon is not only a controversial player in the book industry, largely due to his insistence on the e-book the lowest prices. And, of course, does not help that Amazon launches its own house in New York, publisher.

It is doing things right here; the best way to make new friends is to buy them.

2. Placing Subscription Amazon Prime

For those who do not know, for an annual fee and 79, Amazon Prime offers customer’s unlimited two-day navigation and access to the company’s Instant Video. It is also expected to be included free with the next tablet Amazon Kindle.
The digital library service, simply gives people another reason to sign up for the first, which in turn gives people more reasons to buy things from Amazon. Fast, free shipping makes shopping online more attractive because it offers something like instant gratification to the table.

So what’s wrong?

In terms of strategy, Amazon has been doing well lately.

It’s smart spending to build the scale and the growing interest in Amazon Prime is creating a synergy between the different products and services otherwise. The only other company doing this well is Apple (AAPL), which has reaped enormous benefits to all your devices interconnected via iTunes.
However, the digital library takes a wrong turn when it was revealed to be composed of “older titles.”

We do not know exactly what “the titles of most” means, except that it will be the latest, most popular books. That immediately eliminates a lot of potential sizzle factor and bustle of the idea of?? The whole library.

It is likely, however, that Amazon published books – as the next Tim Ferriss’ the 4-hour chef, for example – are in the library. But again, not a bunch of sizzle there.

In addition, millions of old books are now free, no need to steal. Countless classics like Moby Dick and Pride and Prejudice in the public domain due to expiration of copyright.

As things stand, the idea of?? The eBook Library just looks pretty boring, especially for a company that does not hesitate to shake things up.

An alternative

I’d like to see Amazon take a bit of inspiration for his service from, allowing customers to subscribe to the downloadable audio books.

With Audible, a choice of several payment plans that give you a fixed amount of downloads depending on the amount you pay.

This model could easily apply to kindle e-book store, and potentially lead to new e-book sales to even higher levels.

Make no mistake: Amazon dominates the business of book publishing in the long term. But do not expect this idea of?? The library to pay a part.

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