Alviss Kong 22 Year Old Malaysian Committed Suicide, Facebook

December 10, 2010 by staff 

Alviss Kong 22 Year Old Malaysian Committed Suicide, A News Buzzing on Facebook that a 22 year old who named Alviss Kong (22 Year Old Malaysian) has end his life by doing a Committed Suicide, what’s going to happen new generations? And I felt really sad, not for himself but for his girlfriend and her family.

He died for her because she wanted a break,

By jumping from his home area, a building in Cheras, KL.

I really do not know what he thinks of that time.

Suicide is the biggest mistake ever, and he has no turning back!

I guess that’s the trend now is not it? Countdown how much time remaining before the suicide? Updated last words / articles goodbye before he died?

This is not the first case I’ve heard. The same thing happened to another couple months ago

(The guy who committed suicide in his car because his girlfriend too, the same action – update statutes fb etc etc)

Why? To be famous gain attention /?

AlvissKong wrote a long note in Facebook, it’s a little more bilingual. But the note is not here now; guess it’s withdrawn because of some violation. I read it yesterday and I felt so bad. There are thousands of similar cases and comments rip

The content is something like a long written confession to his girlfriend. He even included picture of himself crying when he said his last picture of him before he jumps the building.

Young and looking good, but he just lost his life in a second.

He really loves to death, but there are people who love him to death too. (Parents, friends etc.)

I think now those most badly is it not himself, but people around him.

Moreover, if this is how he likes someone, I think he is not qualified.

He just made the girl a lot unhappy now.

Love should be fine, because the suicide thingy beautiful sound to you?

He has so much courage to write notes and long to die, but not the courage to face problems.

Death can solve the problem? Look how much more of a problem he created.

There is no problem greater than God. Why see it so big?

Oh yes, I admit, sometimes I felt really down / out / full of problems, I want to die.

But look, life is like a saw tooth right? There are ups and downs.

We learned this because we are a child – to rise after a fall.

What matters most are standing after you fall.

We must appreciate life because life itself is the most precious gift given by God, and your parents.

Some people want to live longer, but no luck.

Even if not everyone loves you more, God still does.

Everyone who sees it, thank you all for your time please.

Life is not given to you for granted.

In addition, take more time to care and talk to people around you. :)

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