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All King's Men AnneAll King’s Men Anne, “All the King’s Men ‘dramatizes the rise and fall of a charismatic politician with a winning touch whose good deeds are overshadowed by the scandal and whose reputation is disgraced by impeachment. Launched in 2006, All the King’s Men, a film 120 minutes was screened Friday at the facilities of the South Asia Free Media Association (SAFMA) on Friday to a select audience.
All the King’s Men is a 2006 film adaptation of the 1946 Pulitzer Prize winning novel by Robert Penn Warren. It was directed by Steven Zaillian, who also produced and scripted the film. The story is about the life of Willie Stark (played by Sean Penn), a fictional character resembling Louisiana governor Huey Long. The film co-stars Jude Law, Kate Winslet, Anthony Hopkins, James Gandolfini, Mark Ruffalo, Patricia Clarkson and Jackie Earle Haley in her first film since Maniac Cop III: Badge of Silence thirteen years before.
“All the King’s Men” was adapted by Robert Rossen in 1949. Although this version does not follow the narrative of the 1949 film and is more faithful to the novel than the previous film, the 2006 film is often regarded as a remake of the 1949 version. According to Internet Movie Database (IMDb), Zaillian never saw the original film, and only adapted the screenplay from the novel by Warren.
Filming took place in New Orleans, Morgan City, Donaldsonville, the Louisiana State Capitol in Baton Rouge and many other places in Louisiana. The world premiere took place at the Toronto Film Festival on September 11, 2006. There, the film was first screened to the press. A special screening was held at Tulane University in New Orleans on September 16, 2006.
Audience members in the projection SAFMA when asked if there was a political and Pakistan, which could easily compare this character, some of them named Imran Khan who said he was open with good leadership skills but found a “one man show.” “But the career of a politician Imran Khan has yet to flourish, how can we say that his career is more for the scandals,” said one spectator, with a smile, adding that no politician in any existing one in Pakistan, because if he was shocked that became even stronger to go ahead and if it was, continued regardless.
The film tells the story of Jack Burden newsreporter Louisiana, who has a personal interest in Willie Stark, an idealistic small town lawyer. Develop the circumstances giving rise to Stark urging gubernatorial candidate for a local political leader, Tiny Duffy. Jack has been raised about politics. He is the former lover Anne Stanton, whose father was once governor. Jack was raised by Judge Irwin, her stepfather, a man of honor.
Over time, Jack and political strategist Sadie Burke reveal that Stark is actually a victim in the governor’s race, which is expected to split the vote, the mouthpiece of the party line and missed. This opens our eyes to the realities of politics, not the votes to be fooled again. He publicly challenged Duffy and begins to lecture the straight talk that the public appreciates. He becomes governor in the upcoming elections, using all means necessary. Duffy now works for him as lieutenant governor.
He also has a silent, menacing driver cum bodyguard named Sugar Boy. Finally, it encourages Jack to go to work for him as a consultant. Judge Irwin disapprove, see Stark as an opportunist. Anne Stanton seems to agree and so does his brother, Dr. Adam Stanton. Stark is a man convincingly, however, and knows how to get away with it. He has a personal project to build a new hospital, Dr. Stanton and convinces run through. It also begins an affair with Anne Stanton, causing jealousy and disappointment Sadie Jack.
Publicly criticized by Judge Irwin and wrapped in the rise of political controversy, claims that Jack Stark excavate land in the court to be used against you. Jack insists that there is no land, but he manages to discover the fact that many years ago, Judge Irwin accepted a bribe. Following this revelation, the judge commits suicide.
Stark has already become a ruthless tyrant, popular with voters, but a charlatan who really knows. Dr. Stanton discovers that even the hospital is a cover for political and personal benefit of the governor. Stalk the state capital, and kill Stark, but then is shot dead by Stark’s bodyguard. The film was a commercial failure, both critical and economically, despite its high profile cast, direction and production equipment. Few critics approved, despite getting strong Oscar buzz before its initial opening.
According to Rotten Tomatoes, a website that reviews and rates movies, this film received a 11 percent “Rotten” based on 153 reviews with a consensus that says “With its stellar cast and source material sacred (the novel of the same name, won the Pulitzer Prize and the 1949 original film took home an Oscar for best picture), All the King’s Men has the pedigree of a prestigious image. Do not be fooled. With performance chewing scenery Sean Penn, an absence of political vision and a general lack of narrative coherence, gives men a bad name Oscar bait. ”
Entertainment Weekly in its August 18, 2006 edition includes all the king’s men in their pre-Oscar and said the film was most likely to win an Oscar. The article concludes that the only reason the film failed to win an Oscar was the delay in the opening (the film was originally to be opened in 2005). Richard Schickel (Time Magazine) liked the movie, saying it “is much more faithful to the tone of the novel” the original.Kenneth Turan (Los Angeles Times) praised the movie “undeniable moral seriousness” and exceptional actors’ work a whole. ”
He said Zaillian’s script and direction of “experts extracted the core of America’s greatest political novels, a work that is both their time and beyond.” AO Scott (New York Times) expressed disappointment with the film: “Nothing in the image works.

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