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June 16, 2011 by USA Post 

Alice Madness ReturnsAlice Madness Returns, “Alice: Madness Returns” is full of distorted images, strange weapons of combat and puzzles that do not really tax the imagination. The new title (Rogue Entertainment, Electronic Arts) is monitoring the PC 2000 and Mac game “American McGee’s Alice.” Our heroine has been through the mirror, and inside and outside a psychiatric hospital, but she is still fighting for his sanity.

First, this is a game of M (Mature)-rated, no kidding. This is not Disney, “Alice in Wonderland” and the images and the subject are certainly adults.

The game begins with Alice’s life in Victorian London under the care of a physician who is trying to help deal with the memories of a fire that killed his family. The strain of dealing with memories that Alice does go back to what she believes is the safety of Wonderland.

Upon arrival, she discovers that a hellish train, a locomotive leaving enormous destruction in its wake, is slowly destroying her including oil-based creatures and machines. As the game progresses, the lines between reality and the wonders of blur, and Alice must stop the train before it destroys your mind.

In the end, “Alice: Madness Returns” is a platform game that requires winding through a level with lots of jumping to get from one point to another. There is also side-scrolling shooter action in some areas, providing a different kind of game, but overall, the game is very linear.

The course is presented before it quite clearly, but if there is any confusion, arrows can show the way hidden. How to find the arrows? For the reduction, of course.

Alice has the ability to reduce at will; an action that reveals clues written can be accessed only when small. Often, indications are secret passages leading to collectibles and valuables hidden.

The environment is macabre and insane. Other characters and creatures have twisted features such as enlarged heads or limbs large. Since the game is a battle for Alice’s sanity, it all fits very well, if not grotesque.

However, a wonky camera angle changes on its own and sometimes reveals the inside walls, sometimes arguably makes the beautiful scenery. It also creates problems when jumping from platform to platform, as the camera moves so you cannot see the point of intended landing.

The mood throughout is one of disbelief. Alice remains calm and distant, no matter what the situation or scenario. The enemies and other characters are to complete the excitement and provide some excitement.

Familiar characters – like the Mad Hatter, Cheshire cat and Caterpillar – appear altered by mechanical limbs and faces distorted.

The voice acting was sometimes difficult to understand and difficult to hear, even after adjusting the audio settings. The characters speak with a heavy British accent, appropriate to define the game and the period of time, but are sometimes too fast to be fully understood.

In combat, Alice eventually has five weapons at your disposal – a Vorpal blade, Hobby Horse, Peppergrinder, kettle barrel and the mechanical pump. Each has its own particular strength and weakness and affects enemies differently when used.

The weapons can be converted into stronger versions through the collection and spending of the teeth (yes, teeth) is met throughout the trip. Gold teeth, with a value five times more than the version of ivory harvested after defeating tough enemies.

The toughest enemy is usually a combination of different weapons to beat, but no clues as to what was needed. Trial and error was the best teacher.

Alice hacks and bars and beats like a murderer born. It does so without remorse and ignores the blood spatter on his clothes.

It also has an ability called hysteria, which activates when your health is low and greatly enhances its power. The “hysteria” surrounding visuals also change, turning the world into a strong black, white and bright red color scenes sprinkled with the blood of the enemies of Alice.

Hard**** players will notice a kind gesture to another game that had battles of the mind: “Psychonauts.” In one room, a solitary figure with glasses (Raz of “Psychonauts”) sits in a chair, one hand to the temple and the other leg. It was a cute and funny touch a respite from the chaos.

Clearly, he said, this is not a bedtime story. “Alice: Madness Returns” is full of anger, insanity and mature field that can be very disturbing. Halfway through the game, I stopped trying to make sense of it all and just went along for the ride.

Like seeing the faces of the skeleton of the cards became normal, my pleasure to play rose. Memories of the night collecting fire along the way also gave the game a sense of style detectives that allows me to concentrate on that as he was blasting away merrily.

A couple of levels seemed to extend in an arbitrary and adds nothing to the game, but spend more time doing the same jumping from platform to platform. They seemed stuck in, in an effort to extend the playing time.

The ending was unexpected, and the final boss battle is not as difficult as some previous fights. However, in the context of the rest of the game, the result would have been expected. It will take a certain type of player to enjoy the “Alice: Madness Returns” – one who does not like “normal”.

“Alice: Madness Returns” was released Tuesday in North America and will be released in Europe on Thursday for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. It is rated M for Mature due to blood and gore, sexual themes, strong language and violence. This review was done with a retail copy played on the Xbox 360.

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