Air Force Marathon

September 18, 2010 by USA Post 

Air Force Marathon, Sgt. Dave Gapper finished the half marathon at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base on September 18, it will not even breathless.

For most people, the idea of running 13.1 miles without stopping one thing seems pretty crazy to do it, but Gapper Sergeant, 19th Space Operations Squadron; he is regarded as a warm up.

You should add another 37 miles to reach what he calls a “long term”.

Some may say it take the easiest path when they discover that the event only works half-marathon race of the week the Air Force, but it is also competing in 20 events distance this year, including about 50 km and 50 Milers.

“I’ve been running ultra distances since last year,” he said. “Thought I would pass 50 K to 50 miles just to see if I can do – plus, I’m a little nuts “.

He recently completed the 50-mile Trail Ultra Marathon Grand Targhee Resort in Alta, Wyoming, 11 hours and 12 minutes.

In the space it takes to complete the race Sergeant Gapper has become accustomed to – 50 miles, one could drive from Colorado Springs to Des Moines, Iowa, or fly by jet from Los Angeles Tokyo.

The 28-year-old did not come from a family running, has not raced in high school and did not really begin distance running until he decides to quit smoking in 2005.

“I started running 5Ks and 10K,” he said. “Maybe I’ve just traded one addiction for another, but in reality it was something my wife, Stacy, and I could do together. It is as if taking off from there.”

His competitive nature soon took over. He began jogging as often as he could manage, and every race has come the desire to last longer.

Nowadays, when the formation of an ultra event, it will run 80 miles a week and play football for a club team in local as well.

Between work, family and running, there is no time for anything else.

(March) gives me time to clear my head, the work of my life plans and find my week to come, “he said. “I used to run the perimeter fence during the lunch and spend more time at work after the weekend”.

At year-end, he estimates he’ll have participated in more than 20 events before the end of this year, including triathlons and duathlon.

It is one of 14 athletes Schriever who will travel to Ohio for the Air Force Marathon.

Master Sgt. Matthew Mancuso, a three-time Boston Marathon Racer, will be competing for the third time at the event. He meets a sergeant Gapper earlier this summer when both were competing in a team of Schriever 11-man relay in the Far West, which began at Fort Carson and finished 230 miles later in Steamboat Springs.

“Obviously, he (Sergeant Gapper) can run for a long time,” said Sergeant Mancuso. “And there is a hill of Great-runner. He showed me how to climb Pikes Peak this year and performed really well in some mountain stages in the relay of the Wild West.”

Sergeant Gapper usually ends in the top 25 percent of her age group and attributes her success partly to his career in the Air Force.

“The Air Force wants you to be in shape and he has time to develop,” he said. “You do not have this chance with the most jobs and I really try to take advantage of it, but it is difficult to get out of the office frequently.”

He spent much time on the roads and footpaths, development of a high functioning expertise. He also learned many aspects that should be running a more enjoyable experience for those who do not enjoy it much.

Master Sgt. Matthew Woods, Detachment 1, 392nd Training Squadron

Mitchell Troy, 50th Contracting Squadron

Airman first class Allen Orozco Castaneda, 50th Comptroller Squadron

Staff Sgt. Andrea Clover, DET 1, 392 TRS

Staff Sgt. Christopher Gapper, Space Operations Squadron, 19th

Tech. Sgt. Matthew Mancuso, DET 1, 392 TRS

Tech. Sgt. Jamie Walker, a DET, 392 TRS

Tech. Sgt. Patrina Walker, DET 1, 392 TRS

Master Sgt. Kenneth Walker, 19 SOPs

Master Sgt. Ana Domínguez, 19 SOPS

Senior Master Sergeant. Raymond Soliz, 19 SOPS

Reveteriano Joseph Captain, 50th Operations Support Squadron

Heather Guzik captain, 392 TRS

Maj. Tami Wise, 19 SOPS

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