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Against The Wall LifetimeAgainst The Wall Lifetime, Wall debuts tonight on Lifetime at 10 pm ET. Hit Between Franklin & ICS and eating and the landscape could not ultimately be sufficient to meet procedural every waking hour of television. But that does not mean that there are still a few corners of the new left to approach the media. All life against the wall is the format of a interesting place thanks to its high risk premise:

After five years on the street as a policeman, up to Abby Kowalski eat – and, yes, is set in Chicago, if that didn name ‘t-tip is tired of waiting for a detective position to open and decide to catch the only available … in internal affairs. While it is possible any police officer could become a pariah to change a police detective beat a IA does not help that the father of Abby and her three brothers are all distinguished men in blue, too. Throw in a feisty new partner and some dating anxiety, and the careers of Abby.
In the first episode, Abby (Rachael Carpani) jumps right on her first day at work, meet former partner of Luna Flores, who also happens to be six months pregnant. Naturally, Flores is seeking maternal affection Abby show the strings of her job and she is all frowns and disapproval after hearing views Abby IA work as a springboard to a homicide detective slot.
Surprisingly, Abby has managed to keep this job a secret from her jumps well connected family while twisting to find the right moment to break the news uncomfortable. Before that time may appear ideal, two of Abby’s brothers in uniform who come to her in her new office building and forced her to spill the beans. It’s a bumpy road from there, while the news spreads quickly among her brothers either handsome police, eventually leading to her mother (the wonderful Kathy Baker), and finally deeply disappointed her father (Treat Williams). After attempts at a peace offer by a chocolate cake made at home (at the suggestion of her mother) to help smooth things over, and refuses to be a cop yells that means, “to protect our own. There is a code we live, every cop lives. ”
While her family ostracized to become a traitor, the soldiers of Abby and her first case deals with Flores. A policeman has gotten into a fight at a bar to put a man in the hospital and everything does not seem to add up. It is fair to say that, given the total number of bases of the first episode is trying to cover the first case, overshadowed a more important way in convincing personal drama of Abby. But we take its first steps as a detective and shown to be a promising, if not too confident newcomer who is not afraid to scream, threaten, and the load through someone’s backyard for information.
Is the problem of real life in Abby’s life that help your character feels like more than a beautiful lady clopping around a city in heels, questioning with zeal. Far from the tension in the family, we sink a promising date with a handsome lawyer, who has been her quest, to hear about a painful breakup two years ago, and look into the secret night meetings with the partner of her brother. While its flaws and foibles are intended to be obvious to viewers, there are some ornaments from the top, including claustrophobia, the awkwardness that has your shooting and touching things and an obsession with the Bears.
Chicago-ness that occupies a central place in all shapes visually appealing. The show is part of the great aerial shots of the Windy City and when not in her cozy apartment, Abby escapes all in the game until its viewpoint with stunning views overlooking the bright lights of the city, far from be blue and gray cooler lighting shows like New York focused on Law & Order. Hide all traces its roots Australian Carpani plays Abby as believable a city child, without falling into an accent cartoon Chicago and feel like the girl-test-bad-boys to their need to be a strong commitment to the series of pay.
And hooray! It does not hurt that cracked her first case, which means that it is clearly very good at working with her family and resents take. Although her mother is encouraging the abandonment of all the boys in blue around her, Abby is still hard to carve a path between the partners Pissy, disappointed family, and the bonds of secrecy that could cause even more bad blood. While some overlap shame she had to go so fast the doors, the episode ends with a cliffhanger drama High: Abby next case is to investigate one of her own brothers for killing a teenager during a chase.

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