Acne Caused By Excess Oil Blocks A Pore And Bacteria Gets Trapped Inside

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Acne Caused By Excess Oil Blocks A Pore And Bacteria Gets Trapped Inside, Acne Facts
1. Bacteria is not the initiating cause of acne. Lesions inflicted to the cells lining the sebum canals within the hair follicles is an initiating cause. Such lesions may be caused by either the shear force of new sebum being produced at the time of puberty, or by the shear force of pressure on the walls of the sebum canals due to blocked pores or pinched-off sebum canals and and sebum not being able to outflow swiftly to the surface of the skin. Sun damage inflicted to your skin also creates lesions within the hair follicles. In all this cases the subsequent reaction of your immune system (inflammaging) leads to acne breakouts.

2.- Acne bacteria proliferates only inside blocked pores. And when they proliferate beyong certain limit they also inflict lesions to the cells in the sebum canals by virtue of the breakdown of sebum they feed on, and the accompanying acids that their metabolism generates. Those acids destroy cells inside the sebum canals and your body reacts with inflammaging. Inflammaging is the underlying process that on the surface of the skin shows up as acne breakouts or acne eruptions.

Inflammaging is the process whereby your body first alerts your immune system to kick off the cascade of events that come to the rescue of damaged tissues by firing its army of neutrophils, macrophages and finally white blood cells that infiltrate the area with hydrogen peroxide and other chemicals that subsequently destroy not only everything that is deemed foreign, including sebum and bacteria but also some of your own skin tissues. This is why loss of tissues and thus ice-pick or indented scarring is the short term outcome of untreated or unappropiatly attended acne breakouts. Whilest the long term outcome of recurrent acne breakouts or chronic acne is premature aging due to free radical damage to the cells’ DNA, or inflamm-aging.

3.- A large production of sebum or overly active sebum glands producing lots of sebum due to them being stimulated by testosterone hormones is not the cause of acne breakouts. If such abundant production of sebum outlflows swiftly to the surface of your skin it will not injure the cells lining your sebum canals. Now it is likely that over production of sebum will either exert an unusual pressure on the walls of the sebum canals and those shear forces will damage the cells lining them or it is likely that a large amount of sebum will get mixed with dead cells, sweat and other debris present on your skin and block your pores, which then damages the cells in there or triggers the proliferation of bacteria.

4. Although many individuals believe the sun makes their acne better, the reality is ultraviolet rays that penetrate the skin’s surface can damage the follicles, causing the chemical cascade declenched by your immune sytem to repair the damage, also known as inflammation and in other words acne breakouts showing up two to four weeks after sun exposure.

5. It usually takes three to four weeks for a p**ple to form, for a p**ple is either the manifestation of a blocked pore (whitehead or blachead if melanin is pigmenting the withehead) or the manifestation of an acne breakout. The latter is your body’s response to lesions that have already occured inside the sebum canals.

6.- Lesions can be inflicted to the cells lining the walls of sebum canals if those are pinched-off (OUCH!) by excess water pressure exerted by the absorption of water by toxins within the sebum canals. Those arive there discharged by your lymnphatic system when it can not do the job through your kidneys. Thoser toxins are mostly the product of undigested cooked proteins or too much salt you are eating. Salt consumtion can trigger acne breakouts within hours, so watch yourself when you eat those munchy potato chips you love too dearly, do you not?

7. Spot-treating of acne does NOT work. The entire face and involved area must be treated daily in order to prevent new acne lesions.

8.- Stress can also trigger the discharge of toxins within the sebum canals and subsequent water retention (swelling) that then piches-off your sebum canals and impedes the outflow of sebum to the surface of your skin. Stress can activate the production of hormones, which may affect the process of producing more sebum inside blocked pores or pinched off sebum canals which can lead to new acne lesions.

9. Most people do NOT outgrow their acne. They are not disciplined enough to change their lifestyle.

10. Scrubbing and vigorous washing make acne WORSE. Loofah sponges, Buff Puffs, scrubs containing particles, and strips applied to the skin are all irritating and make acne worse.

11. To remove all of the oil produced by your body, you would have to wash your face every minute. Excessive washing actually causes the body to produce more oil which may make acne worse.

12. Too much or just some intake of cooked proteins and certain eating habits and foods may cause flare-ups of acne. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. A high fiber, low-fat diet is excellent in promoting overall general health.

13.- Excess caloric intake (the amount of daily calories consumed beyond those required to sustain your current body weight) can adversely affect your testosterone levels and in turn the production of sebum, which may get trapped inside hair follicles and lead to acne breakouts.

14. Acne breakouts are NOT caused by dirt clogging the pores. Acne breakouts is the response of your body to lesions caused to the cells lining the sebum canals due to sudden outflow of sebum or overly abundant sebum production that exerts too much pressure on the sebum canals and inujres the cells lining the walls of those ducts, or by plugging of the pores by a mixture of oil (sebum) and dead skin cells, and subsequent uncontroled reproduction of bacteria living in the pores breaking down the oil into chemicals that destroy cells and launch the inflammatory response of your body, a process we prefer to describe with the notion of inflammaging.

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