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Abrams Fanning 8Abrams Fanning 8, JJ Abrams Super 8 is one of the secrets of these summer, expected films. And while the film is still a week or so away from hitting theaters, we have the opportunity to get Abrams film tonight in Austin. There has been much speculation as to what kind of Super 8 film - monster movie? Alien invasion movie? The Goonies: early 80 are Edition? A love letter from Steven Spielberg – but is that all these guesses are … right on the money: Super 8 is all those things, and definitely worth seeing. It’s just that is far from being the best film you’ll see this summer. Read my full review for our Super 8, dear reader, browser …

When JJ Abrams announced Super 8, most of us suspected that the film would be kept secret until the last possible moment. That’s MO Abrams, of course, and – as expected – which is precisely the way he plays: After shooting the film in a closed-central West Virginia town for a few months last year, we finally got our first look at the film in a mysterious teaser trailer too vague Superbowl that raised more questions than answers. Flash-forward a few months, and still were not sure what to expect with Super 8: it was a Goonies-style adventure / comedy / summer-movie? It was a horror / science fiction / adventure film? Is it the nostalgia of ponography, a love letter from 100 minutes to the film Spielberg, Amblin 80′s?

Until a few weeks, still did not know. But soon, Super 8 will be in theaters, and by now most people who were eagerly awaiting the Abrams movie you’ve seen the interviews, reports and comments that appeared online last week. They know that Super 8 is a combination of all the things mentioned above (it is a yes adventure/comedy/summer-movie/horror/sci-fi/nostalgia-pon/Amblin-love-letter/thriller– one of), plus some more. Tonight, I have the opportunity to see the film at the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar location (or tip ‘the hat to Harry Knowles of setting it up), and now I can tell you what else, Super 8, funny, scary, very interesting … but not all that super. Hey! Like the title! Whatta you know.

I’m a fan of JJ Abrams, so I’ll address this “positive things” session. If you are an Abrams or someone who hates irrational aversion to all things “summer movie” and it is likely that reading an account of the wrong person? Yes, I know that Abrams is tilted a little too much sentimentality, and yes, I know your obsession with lens flare borders on OCD (more on that later), and yes, I realize that seems to be kissing Spielberg bearded ass through most ofSuper 8 … but I’m damned if I’m going to rag on the movie for those things. In the “Cinema Summer” I’ve seen so far this year, Super 8 is one of the best, but keep in mind that I think this has been a bad year for the “Summer Movies”.

Super 8 is based on Lillian, OH (West Virginia actually, but whatever), a dream, aw-shells where the city is very much like Norman Rockwell and Steven Spielberg went into the planning of the city at some point. As the film begins, attended the meeting after the funeral to be held at the home of Sheriff Jack Lamb (Kyle Chandler) and his son Joe (newcomer-cm-talent Joel Courtney). Joe’s mother has just been murdered in what we met was a very messy accident Factory and Joe’s friends wonder if they still participate in the film I’ve been filming throughout the city, which will enter into a contest local cinema.

Director of this film yourself, Charles (Riley Griffiths, also great), leads a motley crew that is more than a little reminiscent ofThe Goonies (another film with Spielberg’s fingerprints everywhere), and we met who have been doing these films – all shot on super-8 film, of course – for some time: when we see clips of movies Carlos, who is very confident and so step by step for someone who is still in middle school. Carlos is concerned Joe will not want to do the work of makeup that is committed to making his latest film (Dude mom just died, and the film is a zombie movie), but soon Joe Goonies working together to get the film Redux.

Along comes Alice (Elle Fanning), the pretty, older girl who has (initially) mysterious relationships with Joe, his dad and Joe’s dad not getting along – in fact, see Jack’s father stop Alicia in the wake of his late wife – but in the beginning, we are not sure what the story is there (yes, you will know more at the end of the film.) Joe falls for Alice almost instantly, and while he is filming his first scene of the film by Carlos, a massive train crash interrupts his shot. Something … strange … is on that train, and after narrowly avoiding being crushed by the train when it leaves the rails, the children all leave home and try to get back to normal.

Of course, a train wreck of the foreign cargo tends to change things every time you leave tracks in a sleepy little town, and subsequent events in the derailment Lillian make up the bulk of the plot in the Super 8: What was on the train, and what will now loose? What Alice and Joe have in common? Why is the military getting into the city’s Sheriff Jack, and every time the level with him and tell him what is really happening?

Most of this plays very much to The Goonies “meets” The Block Attack-meets-ET-meets-Cloverfield, but derived it seems does not mean it’s a bad movie. The plot pretty decent, but I do not list as one of my favorite things about Super 8. No, when you stroll outside the Super 8 detection, which will be very impressed and / or playing shows Abrams is leaving these children, special effects, and wonderful tribute to handle, Amblin Abrams removed here. You will want to rewatch Jaws, The Goonies, ET, and a handful of other films after leaving ofSuper 8, and I’m willing to bet that Abrams is excited to hear me say that.

The film is also surprisingly funny, a touch that should not be surprised to see in a meeting at this point Abrams: Abrams also injects Mission: Impossible 3 and Star Trek reboot with a good dose of humor, and I continue to applaud the friend this decision. Abrams seems to realize that a perfect entertainment machine (which – make no mistake – it’s what you’re trying to do every time is that the director’s chair) not only provides a taste, a genre, a “trickā€: that “multi-faceted back, with humor and scares and action and excitement and the heat … you know, things that Spielberg used to do before they degenerated into, uh, whatever you’ve been doing lately (compare the Lost Ark Raiders of the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: what I mean)?

Most of the humor in the Super 8 revolves around the interaction between children – Abrams out of their way of doing things speaking-in-itself, which started so well in Spielberg ET, Jaws and Close Encounters – and, again, this will remember Richard Donner’s The Goonies. Super 8 is as overtly funny as The Goonies? No, but enough so that you will be able to draw the line between “A” and “B”.

However, it is not an Easter basket full of handskies: there are a number of things in the Super 8 is not going to love it (depending on what kind of filmgoer who are, of course: I suspect that most people who love film without reservations). For example, the lens flare Abrams obsession has become an obsession – we’re not just being cute here. I have lens flares that can occur naturally in the framework, and understand that he likes how they look in the film (of course, this is the way Abrams signing his name to a movie-canvas), but … I mean, c’mon: the shot where Joe applies makeup to Alice for the first time includes a goal of flare, though nothing else in the shot could have put it there. Did you really need to throw a dazzling light slash through it? Really? The lens flare now borders on self-parody, and I beg to Abrams to get it under control for his next film. In Star Trek, was made a little sense. Here, it becomes ridiculous.

Secondly, the script was improvised from two stories that Abrams was found meaning: a coming-out of what little age where a group of children to produce films together back home in the 80 … and a monster movie. I will not go so far as to say that these two guys do not work together, but I will say that there are times when improvisation is very evident. Revealed at the time of the child and all the characters are in place to finish the third act, Abrams is awkward when it comes to balancing the emotion you want to invest in the characters and effects-driven spectacle he wants to give us the summer -viewers. For example, the payment scene between Alicia and Jack’s dad Sheriff seems to slip a little too fast, almost as if Abrams realized that I had to conclude that the thread that hangs up before reaching the end of the film, great piece whole. Again, awkward.

Finally, I have a constant problem with the monsters that put JJ Abrams in a movie. I had the same problem with the creature in the Super 8 that I had with that beast of a big ass in Star Trek, it was the same problem I had with the monster of Cloverfield (which, to be fair, Abrams did not direct, but I’m thinking Abrams film that for the purposes of this review, through their involvement): I can not say what the eff I’m looking at half time. Actually, more like three-quarters of the time. Great movie monsters easily understood shapes, forms that we see at once in a full step by step and say: “I have it.” Think Godzilla or King Kong, or aliens, or predatory, or even ET: we look at these things – even the most detailed, such as Aliens and Predator – and immediately know what it is, how it moves, its basic design. Abrams uses creatures seem large wads, messy CGI with his mouth open and disjointed members who excel in all directions. And you know, despite the effects of being used to bring these creatures to life is the state of the art; I wish I had a guy in a rubber suit on a monster you can not get a good read in a day a week.

I am sure that – like many other movies we’ve seen this year – Super 8 to the public divided. Like Zack Snyder or Chris Nolan, it seems that there is a considerable portion of the population that just looove film geek btch about the work these guys put on screen (if it is worth complaining or not), and I’m willing to bet that a group of these people will be Super 8 to the task for being so obvious Spielberg / redux Goonies. They complain of nostalgia, a tribute full of Super 8 that the species is as if there might be a good movie and at the same time. These people are just being whiny: Super 8 is a summer movie above the average, a funny, scary, plus exciting, really entertaining films of Abrams and a great showcase for a lot of young actors. You will not get bored watching it for a moment, and that inspire you to get some much better movies. What more can you ask of a summer movie?

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