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February 21, 2012 by staff 

ABC The Batchelor 2012, Kacie Boguskie eliminated from Bachelor 2012 in episode 8 tonight. According to ontheflix, ABC aired the new episode 8 of Bachelor 2012 earlier tonight,and it looks like Kacie B did get the shaft as predicted. The show kicked off with Ben meeting the lovely Lindzi in her hometown of Ocala,Florida.

She ended up,taking him horseback riding. Then they had a deep conversation about how she was hurt in the past. Next,Ben met her folks,and things seemed to go really nice. Ben and Lindzi got in a horse race with her parents. Then Ben talked 1 on 1 with her father,and he liked him,calling him a nice,young man and stuff like that. After all the chit chat,they had a big toast. Then Ben gave Lindzi a kiss goodbye. It was a very positive experience.

Next up,came Kacie B with her pleasant attitude. She greeted Ben with a baton show and everything. Then jumped in his arms. During their 1 on 1 chat, Kacie warned Ben about her skeptical father,and that he’s also a probation officer that doesn’t drink. Ben sells wine for a living,so yeah,not a good start.

Later on, Ben,of course,met Kacie B’s family,and chatted 1 on 1 with both the mother and the father. Pops basically told him,he didn’t want Kacie to get hurt in a cautious sort of way. The mother told Ben,she didn’t want Kacie to live with Ben before they got married.

After all that,Ben thought he pretty much wouldn’t get their blessing,and he was right as the father told Kacie that he wouldn’t approve of their hypothetical marriage at this point. Kacie B got a little upset with her father,and worried that they may have hampered her and Ben’s relationship a bit.

Next, Ben visited Nicki in Fort Worth,TX. They went cowboy boot shopping ,and talked for a bit to start off their date. Afterwards,they met her family,and things appeared to go well on that end as everyone liked Ben a lot.

Last,but definitely not least, Ben met up with Courtney in her hometown of Scottsdale,AZ. They skipped the 1 on 1 chatting,and went straight to dinner with her family. The opening chatter was kind of awkward. Then Courtney talked 1 on 1 with her sister about how overly great Ben is. Meanwhile,Ben made a good impression with her father in a 1 on 1 chat. Courtney also said,she regretted the way she treated the other women on the show. Yeah, I don’t believe it either.

All in all,Courtney’s entire family appeared to really like Ben as well. To cap things off Courtney set up a weird,fake,wedding ceremony,where they acted it out as if they were getting married for real with vows and all. Then they kissed. Courtney also told Ben,she’s in love with him.

Next, Ben talked with host Chris Harrison about how everything went. He said all the hometown dates were great even though Kacie B’s folks weren’t the most delightful people. They weren’t rude or anything,but just very skeptical and old fashioned.

Finally,Ben passed out the roses to Lindzi,Courtney,and Nicki,which meant Kacie B had to pack her things,and hit the road. Ben walked Kacie out,and told her,he was very sorry as she started to tear up. She told him,he shouldn’t be sorry,because she was trying to be sweet,and she is.

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