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April 14, 2011 by USA Post 

Abc Happy Endings, Happy Endings ABC is another in a growing list of recent releases with titles that do not make much sense to me (I do not mean light of FOX, which at one point had the working title perfectly sensible Mixed Signals). A kind of next-generation Friends, Happy Endings kicking things to the next level by opening with the wedding of two of the six … friends. Alex (Elisha Cuthbert) and Dave (Zachary Knighton) are on the altar when suddenly Alex bolts, and that puts the group in a very sticky situation.

The other members of this network in particular – Alex’s sister, Jane (Eliza Coupe) and her husband Brad (Damon Wayans Jr.), Max (Adam Pally) and Penny (Casey Wilson) – to know that life can get complicated when the people you spend all your time are struck by the life-altering events.

Alex takes off on the honeymoon, and the group more or less, behind the protests Dave. She returns to apologize, explaining that he had been unhappy for some time, but did not want to hurt Dave. Now our group of thirty-something they will find themselves deep in a clumsy dance, not sure what it is supposed to make one.

Of course, Alex and Dave come to terms pretty quickly (which is not presented, actually), and everybody tries to find ways of doing things back to some semblance of normalcy, or at least evolve as a group in a way that pushes the blood out of focus.

As we move (and there are episodes back-to-back “on opening night, Wednesday April 13 at: 30 and 10:00 pm), Jane and Brad have a chance to make new friends, Penny Alex attempts to set up a blind date (in another episode that will take a spin on a blind date itself, and found herself against a surname concern), and Max will have the help of girls in the group’s adventures do not reach their parents.

On the negative side, one wonders how the efforts of many people along this general scheme will be treated fairly. A group of more or less normal, but rather bizarre, folks who spend time trying to make things go as they want, only to realize that we spend much of our time staring at the world saying: ” Really? … Really? ”

On the positive side, is one of the best attempts I’ve seen in a long time? These are programs that come down to chemistry and writing, and we are on solid ground with it. The rapid response of the recommendation is that there are not many programs that have made me laugh more (not in the early episodes), and definitely not many shows that have gotten me interested in the characters.

This may be one that takes viewers to invest some episodes, and is a good as they get two at once, but I have the feeling that one has a serious chance to take off. In general, opens the spring are fighting an uphill battle, but the timing and placement of this could be perfect for her. That may sound surprising given the recent passing of similar efforts Perfect Couple, and the fact that the above and also like (in the genre in general) of light is there as competition, but has a lot to Happy Endings separates it from the shows, and others.

Is more sarcastic and less, depending on your point of view, which is located somewhere on Cougar Town for his sense of comedy? It is also a bit more committed to his theory that the other shows I mentioned, the survival of the characters it presents, and with the aim of what he would say in the situation, instead of what is the funniest thing say.

That said, the characters are perhaps less “real” you can imagine what I have said already. They are less “character” of a Phoebe or Joey, but not entirely from the hyperbolic world of friends. This can, I believe, be key to this show, and why similar alternatives are not all the clouds at the highest levels of television fame. The goal is not really to be as real as possible, and then make them fun. The goal is to make people want to hang out with, and hope that their favor. After all, the decision really has to do is, ultimately, if I go out with them or not, and I know very real people who do not pass the time.

Such programs are very difficult to predict, but it already deserves a place on the fall schedule, and I really hope he succeeds. The writing is wild and intelligent, and when this has a chance to settle into life after the trick, I think we will find we have something here. The actors are all showing the ability to surprise, with the possible exception of Damon Wayans, Jr. and Casey Wilson. For once, he can not be so surprising, on the other, it may be that only goes one step too far, which could alienate some viewers.

You will not find doing spit takes an episode several times, but to be honest, it’s more fun than that. There are key elements to a great extent the basic attitude of writing, from a dozen shows I could mention, all with their particular genius.

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