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April 12, 2011 by Post Team 

ABC Dancing Stars Vote, ‘Dancing with the Stars “Diary” offers fans a pass to favorite competition reality only around the world to launch the celebrities at the mercy of capricious lady we call dance.

Sorry some flowed very unusual, but it could have been one of the best starts in the history of more than 200 episodes of “Dancing With the Stars.”

I’ll admit I was skeptical when I heard the series was facing a “classic week.” After all, it would be an orchestra of 46 pieces only frightens our amateur star – although soprano Katherine Jenkins and the superstar violinist David Garrett hottie assisted him? I mean, it’s only week 4!

But everyone rose to the occasion, even taking the highest scoring performance of the season to date (large attachments to Chelsea Kane and Mark Ballas!).

Not that there were many boo-boos in that country. Kendra Wilkinson, fell to the bottom of the container and clearly was not in the mood to deal with the criticism of judges. And Kirstie Alley? Well, if there is a lack of a hamstring couples, is a shoe without a commitment from the waist. (Part multiple suspect foul play, but more on that in a minute.)

So go down to the recapitulation and the backstage offices of the night – from my income a bit pathetic induced tears for dance …
Kirstie, Kirstie, Kirstie. What will we do with you?

It seems that every time I have my ‘Dancing With the Stars’ recap all but writing, which comes in at the last minute and steals the show, if she means it or not.

Just when it seemed would never live to fall last week (the program is repeated at every opportunity that has gone); she went and screwed up again, consolidating itself as hot mess residents of the season. This time, she lost a shoe mid-performance and sat on the floor groping back to a partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy danced awkwardly around him until he could get back up.

Show this week called “classic night, as the couples had to dance classical melodies performed by an orchestra of 46 pieces, rock ‘n’ roll singer, violinist David Garrett and Katherine Jenkins. There were tons of explosions of fire, which highlighted the fact that the heat was on in week 4, with only five points separating the favorite bottom dweller after last week’s ratings.

Overall, the night filled with highs mostly as Romeo, Petra Nemcova, Hines Ward and Chris Jericho each brought the house down with their respective pasodobles. Good or bad, that dance is always memorable. (Love it or hate it, Kate Gosselin 10 season pass is definitely the only one remembers her dancing.)

It also shows that are in it to win out of Chelsea Kane and Ralph Macchio. While Chelsea lost me last week with their dance self-indulgent, I won again this time with its fascinating Harry Potter themed Viennese waltz that earned him the top of the ranking for the first time. Meanwhile, Ralph demonstrated consistently strong with his romantic Romeo and Juliet waltz theme, which put him second.

Winning the Sour Grapes of the evening was Kendra Wilkinson, who frowned and scowled her way through the proceedings. It was almost like he was trying to be so unpleasant that he would ensure that began a week. His tantrum began during rehearsals, when he complained about the fact that it is expected that an “appropriate” and “lady” during her Viennese waltz.

On the dance floor was decent, but had some mistakes, and she knew it. After stomping her way into the cckpit of the judges like a spoiled child, she spoke again, and he gave her critics. When Bruno Tonioli said some “technical issues”, she snapped that he needed “more practice four days” to learn the dance. (It is assumed that all other tested by the same amount of time, Kendra.)

He came up to evil when Carrie Ann Inaba joked that she was “afraid of elegance, the” lightness answer: “. I do not care about it,” Not surprisingly, he got the lowest scores of the night (three six), and is likely to be mouthiness you get in trouble come elimination night.

Also potentially in trouble is Sugar Ray Leonard, who, let’s be honest, just cannot dance. However, the judges gave seven couples in general for some reason. The fact that you wear a smile while the dance floor stink does not mean you did a good job. (Sorry, had to be said!)

And then it was Kirstie … vals which started very well, if not a little boring. She did about a quarter of the way through before delving into the wound to her shoe as he sat on the ground after its elegant Maks turned away. Apparently, as he turned, pulled her foot on the floor and banged her shoe. But, as he did last week, got its act together, I have a backup and finished strong.

Despite the misfortune, which probably would have won any other competitor low scores, the only judges of their praise for overcoming the situation. In the end, got two sevens and an eight – yes, eight! – Out of the Hat.

Seriously, no one else could have landed in the bottom of a disastrous failure. But somehow, once again, came out smelling like roses. And honestly, do not complain, because I really want to stay for a while. But the other contestants should be receiving marked because not only is that nabbing high scores, but also steal the spotlight.

If there is a god ‘Dancing’ Kendra and Sugar Ray will land in the bottom three when the results come in. What I cannot decide is whether Kirstie fill the remaining empty space. The viewers feel for her and get out and vote, or are finishing their antics?

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