A Christmas Story Cast

December 25, 2011 by staff 

A Christmas Story Cast, I used to tell my kids that when I was a youngster we were so poor that for my birthday I would be given a sock. If I behaved myself for the rest of the year, Santa Claus would bring me the other sock for Christmas.

The story is, of course, complete nonsense, but it had its effect on the kiddies who sat with their mouths agape, somewhat if fear that Santa might begin to practice the same policy in our own household.

There are some curmudgions among us who would do with Santa Claus and even Christmas itself, but this effort will always be doomed to failure and the reason is that Christmas is embedded in our senses in ways that cannot be eradicated. It is the smell of gingerbread and spruce trees, the taste of the turkey and yams, the sight of lights and wrapped presents, the sound of bells, carols, Bach and Handel, and the touch of embraces and handshakes.

It is the time when we are elated once again by the epiphany of Ebenezer Scrooge, delighted by Ralphie’s acquisition of his air rifle and comforted in the knowledge that the angel Clarence has earned his wings. Even though we have heard the stories many times, like children, we want to hear them again and be satisfied in knowledge that in spite of what seems like a senseless world, there are some things that do not change and outcomes will always be satisfactorily fulfilled.

We set aside Christmas day for enjoyment. The family reunites and we hug Aunt Molly with the funny smell. We giggle at Grandpa Henry who eats, plops in a chair and snores through the entire day, drowning out the racket of the kids who rip open their gifts and ultimately draw a bit of blood as one whacks another in the head with his new toy truck.

We overeat; but we will begin our diet as one of the New Year’s resolutions. In emulation of the Magi, we give each other gifts — shirts that are too small, neckties that will never be worn, incredibly ugly scarves and the ubiquitous fruit cake which will attain its position in back of the kitchen cabinet to be rediscovered the following summer. Still, we discover on this special day that we are incredibly happy.

As the day progresses, we remember that we are here because of an event which occurred over two thousand years ago. We recall that in a small village, in an obscure corner of the Roman Empire, a poor family gave birth to a child who would go on to change the course of history and civilization forever. We remember the Gospel of Luke and realize that such an amazing occurrence has brought us together again to revel in each other’s company, to overlook our petty differences and to feel the comfort and warmth contained in the simple words, “Merry Christmas.”

Such a time will always be with us and will be passed on through generations. Because of census decreed by Caesar Augustus, because there was no room at the inn, we will continue forever at this remarkable moment to be joyful and content with our lives.

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