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October 11, 2010 by USA Post 

60 Minutes Eminem, You’re an ashl* when your rampant homophobia makes Eminem look like a model of tolerance and understanding.

On Sunday, the eve of the coming National Day Out-New York Tea Party gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino gave a speech at a rally Orthodox Jews on the same day that Anderson Cooper interviewed Eminem for “60 Minutes.”

Eminem made news earlier this summer in announcing that despite his gay bashing in rap songs, the “new, tolerant” Eminem supports gay marriage and supports equal rights for hmosxls. He continued along these lines last night when they are pressed by Cooper whether he was opposed to hmosxlity, he said simply: “I have no problem with anyone. I’m just like, whatever. ”

Maybe this was not the most eloquent soliloquy on equal rights, but it’s much better than what Carl Paladino had to say on the subject. Hope for governor first said: “I do not want [the children] brainwashed to believe hmosxlity is an option just as valid and effective – it is not,” followed by, “I think just my children and your children would be much better and more successful to marry and raise a family. “Only after only two Zingers that Paladino backtracked a bit, with” Do not bend about me than wanting to hurt gay people in any way, “he said.” My approach is to live and let live. ”

By “live and let live” Paladino obviously does not live a life as fruitful, guaranteed the same advantages and potentials of a heterosexual life? So what does he mean? What he wants to let gay people live, literally? While it may be reassuring to some that is not really defend Paladino kill hmosxls, this kind of intolerance is shocking considering the recent wave of hate crimes in particular the gang torture of three young gay men in the State of origin Paladino of New York. Democratic rival Paladino called the remarks a display of “homophobia superb, and with good reason.

Maybe Eminem should follow Paladino and have a sense of humor about his live and let live approach. Asked whether hmosxls should have the same rights as heterosexuals, this summer, the rapper responded: “I think if two people love each other, then what the hell? I think everyone should have the chance to be as unhappy, if they wish. “

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