57th Birthday Actor Rekha

October 14, 2011 by staff 

57th Birthday Actor Rekha57th Birthday Actor Rekha, Bollywood actor Rekha celebrates her birthday on Monday 57. Born October 10, 1954, Bhanurekha Ganesan Rekha began her career with name screen in 1966 as a child actor in Telugu cinema Rangula Ratnam, although her film debut as an advantage that happened four years later with the Hindi film Sawan Bhadon ( 1970).

Rekha has acted in over 180 films in a career that has spanned over 40 years. Throughout her career, he often played strong female characters and, in addition to commercial cinema, appeared in the arthouse films, then known as parallel cinema. Excerpts from the interview that appeared in the magazine India AsiaSpa recently:
How was your trip in the movies start?

I never planned to be an actress. My parents were actors and traveled the world. I also wanted to travel and explore new facets of me, so I thought it would be a flight attendant. But it was rejected, being minors. I grew up in Chennai, educated at a convent school with Irish nuns. I was completely fascinated by them, and even wanted to become one. I was a loner. I like to spend time in the chapel, daydreaming. Even then I was an artist by nature. I spent time in my own world, I’ve created for me. My favorite subjects were the moral science, art and history of India – the romance of Shah Jehan. Every time I hear something romantic, retain it. My mother wanted me to be a big star and to reach all the world-in India. Little did she know, with her blessings, I’ve managed to touch the hearts of all Indians around the world. So here I am, after four decades, that connects to four generations of fans. And I thank God for giving her blessing on me!

“Rekha” has always been shrouded in an aura of mystery. Why?

What mystery? You tell me. The media is creating this image. Basically I’m just shy by nature, an introvert and fiercely private. I’m just me! I live on my own terms and make my own rules. My early “Rekha-ism”, please do not feel the need to announce every incident that occurs during the day. Sorry, but I’m not that little bird that “twitters”. But of course, I have lived many lives in one and shared the experiences of my own unique way, all the time.

What really is your relationship to time, is afraid of aging?

In my case, is the way I lived my life. I’m still like a child by nature. It’s in the genes. I think I’m a late bloomer, and I managed to keep my vulnerability and innocence. My mother did not have gray hair and just needed glasses. My father was very active, playing badminton and doing yoga throughout his life. My paternal grandmother lived almost one hundred years. I have savla (wheatish) skin, which tends to age more slowly than white skin. I am a simple, fun, easy going girl with a very strong middle class upbringing. I have always chosen to focus on things that are under my control and not pouted or meditating when things were out of control, which really helps. The time is not in my scheme of things!

That according to who is your ideal man?

The ideal man is Lord Shiva – beautiful, beautiful eyes, lovely, elegant and dynamic dancer. A force strong, powerful, yet soft and tender, which exists in a variety of versions, which is equal for men and women. I wish every man beaten slightly in his feminine side to understand women. The reason we are attracted to the other side, it is because we have within us. We just have to recognize that part of us. The only question I often ask, ‘why are you still single, so I would say that, if it is intended to be, be. While there’s life there’s hope. The truth is that only I know how to woo me, so that if and when I find someone who can read my mind, and then … we’ll see!

Does that mean that more men?

I hope not (laughs). Can one have on nature? Without nature, there is no creation, no life. But not much time for a relationship or consciously think about it. When nature takes its course, it’s going to happen … or not! Anyway, I’m not complaining.

What is your opinion about relationships these days?

Today’s woman is much more independent and confident self, command and equal status in society. Let me be clear, if a man and a woman really wants to be with each other, they will. I believe relationships should not require effort. I’ve always been listening, it takes hard work and open communication that is required. I think a good relationship should not feel like hard work at all. It should feel effortless and natural. Some women are so obsessed with the size of the ‘lonely’ or flashy cars lose sight of reality that is mutual respect – for each other’s space, profession, family and friends. I believe in soul mates. After establishing a relationship, no love, respect and admiration, which is meant to last forever. If not, then it was never the real thing in the first place.

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