46 Types Of People On Facebook

February 9, 2012 by staff 

46 Types Of People On Facebook, How many times have you gotten on Facebook only to find that same ridiculous spam or post that your same “so called Facebook Friend” continuously posts however you don’t remove or block them as a friend for some strange unknown reason because you are afraid they won’t like you anymore when yet you have never made eye contact with them directly. Today we are going to look at the creative variety of people we run into Facebook everyday, if you know these types of people maybe you should consider sharing this.. Hope you enjoy this post and that you get a good laugh out of it.. Enjoy!

1. The “artist”:

2. The douchebag:

3. The person who’s trying to get over their ex:

4. The person that uses a lot of exclamation points:

5. The traveler:

6. The person who thinks Facebook is their diary:

7. The person who ends every status with “text me” or “text it”:

8. The person that replaces “y” with “i”:

9. The showoff:

10. The person that speaks their own language:

11. The person who only posts closeups of their face:

12. The idiot:

13. The person who doesn’t use commas:

14. The person with the shtty band:

15. The person that’s always threatening to delete their Facebook:

16. The person that doesn’t know the difference between “then” and “than”:

17. The person that will always be forever alone:

18. The person that can’t sleep and wants you to know about it:

19. The drama king/queen:

20. The philosophizer:

21. The person who’s always changing their name:

22. The person that doesn’t know how to photoshop:
23. The hypocrite:

24. The old person:

25. The activist:

26. The awkward mom:

27. The awkward dad:

28. The awkward aunt or uncle:

29. The person who complains about people over-sharing on Facebook:

30. The person that really needs to read the news:

31. The person that thinks Facebook is Twitter:

32. The person who REALLY can’t spell:

33. The gamer:

34. The new mom always posting about her baby:

35. The person that complains about their job:

36. The delusional one:

37. The person with no filter:

38. The Jesus freak:

39. The person who needs to be more careful with autocorrect:

40. The creepy person you don’t know that Facebook chats you:

41. The girl with many emotions:

42. The person that hates “fake people”:

43. The passive aggressive one:

44. The person that quotes “themselves”:

45. The person who TyPeS LiKe ThIs:

46. The person who shouldn’t live on this planet anymore:

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