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July 9, 2011 by staff 

3000 Hits Club3000 Hits Club, How special every 3,000 hits? Maybe we should start with the list of men who, for various reasons, never did. Ted Williams and Joe DiMaggio. Babe Ruth and Barry Bonds. Mickey Mantle and Lou Gehrig. Immortal names in magic, but does not enough. The Yankees can claim Hall of Fame and World Champion of the score, but no stripes in the Bronx had ever seen her 3,000 Th until Derek Jeter homered this afternoon.
“It’s certainly a very special club,” Kaline said large tigers’ Al as one of the 28 members of Club 3000. “No chance.”

Fluke or anything mystical. Bring the thunder and huge bonuses total home runs, or the aura of a perfect game time. It refers to the most basic skill of this sport, a man who takes a bat and making contact with the ball. And it does again and again and again. There are no shortcuts for this.

“Everything,” Hank Aaron said, “must fall into place.” “Reaching 3,000 hits was the first real test for me of what I wanted to do in the game, because it meant consistency. I think it’s the same level with 500 home runs. You can talk about how the home, but you have to hit the ball first. ”

Easy to say, hard to do. Durability, talent and perseverance are all entry requirements; to hit a baseball is a difficult task over time. There will be days long and 0 of 4 nights. But to get to 3000, the successes keep coming.

Let some of the members of the lodge explain.

Dave Winfield: “What I’ve learned over the years is that this is the last function is needed instead of playing at a high level, the mental toughness. It begins with the God-given ability, then learn the mechanics and fundamentals and practice rigorously, and become physically fit. The last thing is mental toughness. You do not reach it without. ”

Cal Ripken: “When you’re a guy who plays every day, you have the physical strength, but the real strength is between the ears, I think. Baseball is a game that we are dealing with a failure a lot.”

Robin Yount: “The reality is, if the number of years I played, if not to reach 3,000 hits, would not have been in the lineup.’s Longevity. I guess that’s what I’m most proud of.”

Craig Biggio: “It takes a long, long time to get there, and you need to stay productive. If you are not productive, we will not be on the field.”

Of the 27 men before Jeter, 24 are in the Hall of Fame, leaving only Pete Rose (banned in baseball) Rafael Palmeiro (problems with steroids) and Biggio (not yet eligible).

3000 must ensure Cooperstown? “It was something like a done deal,” said Aaron. Biggio, a day before finding out if that’s true.

“I do not keep up with that kind of thing,” he said. “It’s a very small list is pretty darn hard to get. If it’s something that was easy, I would see many more people.”

Who can remember every stroke of your life? However, the number 3,000 stops. “Although I do not remember much about the individual things in my career,” said Yount, “one I do.”

Winfield said the success of being a ninth-inning RBI single off Dennis Eckersley, was “not smiling” on the momentous occasion.

Look down the list, and is located at:

The irony. Aaron, despite his fame as home runs, has 3,000 in an infield hit Cincinnati.

Emotion. “I wanted to wait to get success in Detroit, but GM said,” Come, come as soon as possible, ‘”said Tiger Kaline life.” I was in Baltimore, my hometown, and my mom and Dad were there. ”

Intensity. Robert Clemente doubled in the last regular-season at-bat in 1972. He died in a plane crash three months later.

“It was the last blow of his life,” said the widow Vera Clemente by phone from Puerto Rico. “That’s very special to me because I know it was very important to Bob, because he always wanted to be the best. He always felt a great responsibility to be the best.”

And relief.

Yount: “I could not wait to get it over to be sure to ask about it. I remember it became a distraction and I fell in distraction. I was a little frustrated because we were in the midst of a career for the title.

Ripken: “Do you want to get through it? In the context of a season that is beyond your mental focus when you start thinking about a number. The hardest thing in the world is trying to get a hit when you are trying to get a hit. ”

Now that Jeter has come, and do not appreciate their journey of men who have walked the same path.

Kaline called him a favorite of all time. Aaron Yount and Biggio and mentioned how difficult it has been doing this in the furnace annually to play for the Yankees, and keep the freshness and the kind of Jeter. Ripken noted the special nature of 3.000 to get all the hits for a team, as he did.

“Derek would be fun in any other uniform,” said Ripken.

“A lot of people will be happy for him because he made the right way,” said Winfield. “Just preparing honest, hard-nosed game. A good example to others.”
But then, no one takes the wrong way to 3000. Maybe that’s the best compliment of all to 28.

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