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April 20, 2011 by staff 

2011 Steelers Schedule, There are a segment of fans that anticipated the annual release of the NFL list with the sole purpose of deciding on which games could bet more money.

This year, the over / under is 256, which is the total number of regular season games. The number who actually plays for the ongoing blockade remains to be seen.

There have been canceled regular season games due to work stoppages before.

In 1982, a list of 16 games per team reduced to nine because of a strike, and seeded 16-team Super Bowl tournament is set to decide the champion. Five years later, the show was canceled the week three and four weeks, five and six were played with replacement players before the strike, the union collapsed.

Bloodied but unbowed, the league released the 2011 schedule on Tuesday night. For the Ravens, here are your strengths, based on the assumption that the entire season will be played:

- For the fourth time in team history, but the first time since 2003, the Ravens play the Pittsburgh Steelers in a week. The last time the Steelers came to Baltimore in the opener, was the first regular season game in what is now M & T Bank Stadium in 1998. Steeler home game has not been played in September since 2004. In addition, the season series with the Steelers is concluded by December for the first time in six years.

- The Ravens had opened on the road in eight of the past 12 seasons, but a home opener was made more feasible by the fact that the Orioles are in Toronto on the first Sunday of the NFL (11 September).

- Baltimore will play a team-record five games in prime time national television, three of them on the road (Jacksonville, Pittsburgh, San Diego) and two at home (New York Jets, San Francisco 49ers). The Ravens played four games of this type in 2001, 2004, 2005, 2007 and 2010.

- The Ravens to avoid road trip usually the suicides of three games, the team has not had one of those who planned since 2000, despite Hurricane Ike forced a three-game skein in 2008. Baltimore will play in New York and St. Louis back-to-back in September and in Pittsburgh and Seattle in consecutive weeks in November.

- For the second consecutive year, the Ravens played the Cincinnati Bengals to close the regular season, but the game will be at Paul Brown Stadium this time. This will be the third consecutive year in the regular season ends in January and the seventh time in team history.

- A schedule of the first: two of the Ravens game against the Cleveland Browns are in December and will take place just three weeks apart. The second is a play on Christmas Eve at home – another first – but the Ravens played in Pittsburgh on Christmas Eve of 2006, recording a 31-7 victory.

- October is usually the most difficult months of Ravens, but this year the team has three of four games at home October, with the bye week. Last year, the Ravens posted a winning October (3-1), as trademark winners in each of the four months leading first season in the tradition of the franchise. However, the Ravens are still a mediocre 24-33 in October.

- The Ravens will play on Thanksgiving for the first time in team history when they host the 49ers in the potty Harbaugh’s brother, the brothers first time coaching against each other in an NFL game. In 1965, the Baltimore Colts played a tie game in Detroit, but no NFL team had played in local base that holiday before or since.

- Due to the heavy schedule of national television Ravens, only five parties could be affected by the NBC late-season plan “flexible” programming.
- Here in the Ravens Report, our attempt to predict the timetable back on April 9 did not go so wrong. We call on the Steelers early visit here, the Arizona game in Week Eight exact place and time at the end of the Indianapolis Colts visit.

With only five games against playoff teams 2010 (twice as Pittsburgh, Seattle, Indianapolis, New York Jets), the Ravens’ schedule ranks as the easiest and the second in the AFC, the league softer in the background, just for the Arizona Cardinals.

With the scheduling formula that dictates rotation between the Opposition Divisions, the Ravens made the playoffs in 2010 playing in the league of 12-most difficult schedule. The previous year, which was fifth on the board easier.

But hopefully more teams rise and fall rapidly due to the parity in the league, it is important to note that the Ravens posted the best record with the toughest schedule (12-4 last year) than they did against the supposedly easier set of opponents (9-7 in 2009).

As for the bye week for the Ravens, which will fall on the Week Five (Sunday, October 9), the first time this has happened since 2003. Also fell in the same week in 1998.

In 2002, 2005 and 2008, the Ravens had a bye week after only two games, but in the latter case, it was a forced goodbye because of the devastation of Hurricane Ike in Houston, where the Ravens were scheduled to play.

The dismissal is also surrounded by two games at home, which has been a surprisingly common phenomenon in the history of the Ravens. Also took place in 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2008, and last year.

Inside the AFC North, Pittsburgh will have its farewell at week 11 (November 20) to Cincinnati to take the week off in Week Seven (October 23) and Cleveland idle on the same day in Baltimore.

For the first time in recent history, the Ravens will not play any team comes from its bye. Last year, Baltimore was in New England and Buffalo in the final weeks of back-to-back “when both teams were rested, and in 2009, the Ravens played three consecutive teams after weeks of his departure and went 2 – 1 against Denver, Cleveland and Cincinnati.

Last year, it forecast the Ravens playing in ideal weather conditions, above all, and that the forecast came true for the most part.

Game time temperatures ranged between 26 and 78 degrees with wind chill factors in adolescents appearing in only two parties: the party in December in Cleveland and competition for the wild card in Kansas City. The Ravens also played two games in terms of roof closed in Houston and Atlanta.

This year, Baltimore should have another season-especially hot.

Will be played in another dome of St. Louis – even though he has never won there in four visits that covers two regular and two preseason games – and in warm weather cities like Jacksonville and San Diego, the last game in December.

The only real chance the team has to play in cold weather could come home when the Ravens play Indianapolis and Cleveland, and road games at Seattle (Nov. 13) and Cleveland (04 December).

The calendar follows the same formula that was renovated after the 2002 restructuring, under a system, which predetermines 14 of 16 opponents of any team in advance. This formula effectively eliminates the “schedule for the first” and the names “last plan, though many observers believe they still exist.

The scheduling formula has several key points of care (with opponents Ravens in parentheses):

- Each team will play six games against teams in their own division, two home and two away (Cincinnati, Cleveland, Pittsburgh).

- Each team will play two games at home and two away against four teams in a division within their own conference (AFC South: Jacksonville and Tennessee away, Houston and Indianapolis at home.)

- Each team will play two games at home and two away against four teams in a division in the opposite conference (NFC West: St. Louis and Seattle away, Arizona and San Francisco at home).

- Each team will play a home and away game against teams that finished in the same position he did. The two teams will be from divisions within their own conference that particular computer is not playing in full. These games have become known as “the placement of games.” (San Diego away, the New York Jets at home)

The last time the Ravens played the NFC West, they went 3-1 against them, losing only to Seattle. Held in 2007, a year in which the Ravens 20-10 going against everyone else.
The most recent was in Baltimore all the AFC South was in 2008. The Ravens split their four games, losing to Tennessee and Indianapolis while beating Jacksonville and Houston.

Other pairings division of the AFC in 2011 will be aligned in this way: the AFC West will play the AFC and NFC East, AFC South plays the AFC North and NFC South and AFC West will face AFC and NFC North.

In the NFC East will play the NFC West and AFC East? Acquires the NFC North NFC South and AFC West, NFC South plays the NFC North and AFC South and NFC West is against the NFC East and AFC North.

Baltimore Ravens 2011 schedule

Sept. 11 against Pittsburgh
September 18 in New York
September 25 in San Luis
October 2 against the New York Jets
October 9 BYE
October 16 against Houston
October 24 in Jacksonville
October 30 against Arizona
Nov. 6 in Pittsburgh
Nov. 13 at Seattle
November 20 against Cincinnati
Nov. 24 vs. San Francisco
Dec. 4 at Cleveland
Dec. 11 against Indianapolis
December 18 in San Diego
Dec. 24 against Cleveland
January 1 in Cincinnati

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