2011 Iowa Straw Poll

August 14, 2011 by USA Post 

2011 Iowa Straw Poll2011 Iowa Straw Poll, At camp Saturday Rep. Michele Bachmann, people in line for corn dogs, Frisbee-sized cinnamon rolls, and the possibility of falling into a circus tent with air conditioning for Randy Travis country music to play for one hour.

Former Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania drew them with homemade peach preserves; former band of Buddy Holly, the Crickets, and bagpipers who played agitation is transmitted directly from Braveheart. Texas Representative Ron Paul had a massive camp right next to the bus parking and barbecue is served in a battalion-sized dining room.

In the end, won the Ames Straw Poll 2011 Bachmann, a political carnival at the campus of Iowa State University has become a test of the media invaded the early strength of the presidential candidates.

Paul, a libertarian with a devoted following, finished a close second, and followed by former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, who had enjoyed the event to get traction. Santorum finished fourth.

“This was a wonderful advance to lead the country again,” said Bachmann, also of Minnesota, supporters of ecstasy, standing in front of his campaign bus.

One of the biggest challenges looms the first woman to win the straw poll, with 28.6 percent of the votes of almost 17,000 votes. Gov. Rick Perry of Texas announced his candidacy on Saturday in South Carolina, said it was time to “get America working again”, as voting was under way here. He appeals to the same combination of tea party activists and social conservatives who form the basis of Bachmann, and Texas had the highest rate of employment growth in the country in recent years.

Bachmann could be passed to the attention of the media, donors and activists in the Republican Party to pursue the next big thing.

Perry drew 718 votes in the poll as a write-in, national outdrawing Mitt Romney leading candidate, whose name on the ballot, but did not mount a campaign for the elections.

Pawlenty, meanwhile, was hoping to go further in Iowa, where he spent most of his time campaigning recently.

“Paul had a great second Pawlenty as needed,” said Dennis Goldford, professor of political science at Drake University in Des Moines. “That’s a major stab in the gut. Is it fatal?” The answer, he said, will depend on whether Pawlenty can raise money for the next month.

Santorum was encouraged by his last, after spending 18 days in the state with his family, reaching 68 counties in Iowa and focus on small cities that do not tend to see candidates.

“I feel great,” said Santorum. “The candidates who finished above us and each spent more than 1 million and had great field operations came…. David with Goliath and he did so bad.”

He predicted it was “like a good wine,” compared with candidates who finished ahead of him.

Polling is a strange beast, created to raise funds for the Iowa GOP Vote-buying is encouraged. Candidates pay tens of thousands of dollars for the retail space in the gardens, and ticket sales and 30 of his supporters to attend and vote. The campaigns also offer tours by bus from cities around the state, as people listened to the entertainment tents of the candidates, the volunteers were reminded to vote and gave the departure times of the different bus lines.

Iowa Governor Terry Branstad said the poll had helped finance the party successful careers in the state legislature in the past. “This is the state Senate” in 2012, he said. Democrats now control the Iowa Senate, 26-24.

Agree that all politics is local, Sue Dvorsky Iowa Democratic chairman said his party’s efforts to stay in the Senate – the Republican Party has the house and the governor’s office – that will boost efforts to organize an Obama presidency in the general election.

Democratic activists want to avoid what happened in the vicinity of Wisconsin, where Republican Gov. Scott Walker, with his party in control of the legislature, devoid of collective bargaining rights of public employees.

“This is not a matter of getting the old band together,” says Dvorsky. “Base D-Iowa, is ready to go.’re Nervous.”

Laurie Adams voted for Pawlenty, his hand marked with black Sharpie to indicate that his identification had been checked and had cast their ballots.

“It’s the most eligible,” said Adams, who works for a campus ministry at Iowa State. “Governors tend to have the credibility of a little more congressmen. I loved what Michele Bachmann had to say, though. It’s a shame they’ve been hot on the heels of others.”

Dennis Bahls was not going to attend the straw poll, but decided to take a walk with a friend who had become that of Paul.

“Ron Paul is a constitutional person,” said Bahls, Elkader, a city in the northeast corner of Iowa, “I agree with what we got too involved with other countries. We have to take care of home first. There is no public debt so I am really afraid for my children and grandchildren. ”

John Harvey, 76, a retired teacher who advises homeschoolers, said support Bachmann because she is a “base fine lady with her head on straight.” He added, “There is fear and not run.”

Burtmier Don said he was impressed by the evangelical Christian faith open to Bachmann.

“She represents the God who started this country, and that’s what we need,” said Burtmier, 64, Des Moines. “We have lost God, and that is why we are going down…. She promotes laws based on divine principles.”

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