2011 Fantasy Football Rankings

August 2, 2011 by staff 

2011 Fantasy Football Rankings2011 Fantasy Football Rankings, Same as always. … Runners have always dominated the top of fantasy and probably always projects. In recent years, have forced their receivers even more in the early rounds, but the back of elite running is not going anywhere. Why? Because in the typical fantasy football formats, you must begin at least two brokers. Even in little league, there are 20 starting running backs on a weekly basis, and that number is rapidly increasing in the major leagues with flexible positions. The backs of elite will always be the most valuable assets, and 2011 is no exception. What has changed is the devaluation of the second level of the back.

With that, we present 12 of RB1s Rotobahn for 2011. For the sake of clarity, these classifications are based on the performance score. Arguably some adjustments in the rankings by playing in a PPR format.

1. Adrian Peterson, Vikings

He has returned to the heart of the offense, and it just feels good. If you liked his offensive line a little longer, he would be head and shoulders above the rest. However, Peterson is the most proven and most consistent rider in the game today, and it is our option at the top of the projects performance. He will give you yards and you will find the area. And if history is any guide, it will stay healthy. AP project with confidence.

2. Chris Johnson, Titans

His place could be in danger if kept too long, but we love CJ skills. He is the second-to-none in terms of the ability of pure plays are concerned, and we like the idea of?? Mike Munchak as their head coach. Munchak know some things about creating holes for the runners, and he knows the strengths of Johnson. Assuming that the Titans do well and pay their best player, who like Johnson to be among the league leaders and bounce back the way we saw in 2009. The addition of Matt Hasselbeck is an advantage that the offense has a chance at a better balance.

3. Jamaal Charles, Chiefs

Charles has some questions about how big their participation in the takes, but we’ll tell you what I said in 2010, do not fear the RBBC when it comes to Charles. You can do an incredible amount of damage with twenty strokes, and hopefully a touch up in 2011. It’s an incredibly dynamic back, and its size; the leaders are wise to avoid getting tired. We expect a slight bump over last year’s numbers. RB1 is a solid as a rock.

4. Arian Foster, Texans

That could reasonably be classified as high, but we hope to launch more Texans in 2011, and we expect Foster to give up some carries as the year Ben Tate conducts. Foster lost some time with a problem knee cartilage last year, and hope that he does not rely on so strong this season. We are also concerned to be found in sled a little more in 2011 without the defense Vonte Leach at the helm. Leach was definitely the best blocker of lead that we saw in 2010. Just watch what happens in Baltimore this year, when running “explosion”. Foster remains a lap top notch, and we are happy to take him in the fourth or fifth spot.

5. Rashard Mendenhall, Steelers

Much of what makes a great fantasy back has nothing to do with the player, and Mendenhall is a good example. There were high on any list of fantasy, though he was a new medium … Willie Parker. The Steelers are always a good team and always commit to running the ball. Now let’s look at what this player puts on the table is big, fast, can break tackles, and creates its own space. Look what he did to the Jets in the championship game of the AFC. Mendenhall made some big plays for one hand extend drives. This guy has the ability and opportunity, making it a safe high selection in the draft. What is surprising is that today can be picked up as late as the second round.

6. Ray Rice, Ravens

Rice was not as good for fantasy, as many expected in 2010, but he remained a top ten again in performance score, and the top eight in scoring PPR. We expect better things in 2011 with Willis McGahee had moved to Denver. Rice should see more action near the line, which should increase his total touchdown. We also expect a modest overall increase in touches, so we are optimistic about the rice for next season. Carry it with confidence once the five are gone. As mentioned above, the addition of All-Pro fullback Vonte Leach is another great advantage. Rice is an option almost anywhere in a project of PPR, and could find some high points in the performance as well. We see a lot separating the top six backs. In the words of Greg Marmalard “They are each important in its own way.”

7. LeSean McCoy, Aguilas

It’s kind of ironic. When you hear of Eagles 2011, do not hear much about LeSean McCoy. That may change a bit this season because McCoy will destroy teams when he gets his chances. The Eagles cannot run a lot, but when they do, McCoy will have its way with computers that cannot afford to load the box. Philly is just too loaded on the outside (not to mention all teams must pay attention to Mr. Vick and the wheels of ridicule) for key defenses McCoy. McCoy is the fourth thing that teams think when Vick returns to fall, and that makes it very effective in the passing game, too. It will be very productive in any scoring format. McCoy attractive name may lack some of the first rounders, but, like Mendenhall, this guy is in a situation of great. Project it and enjoy.

8. Michael Turner, Falcons

This is a provisional classification. If the surgically repaired groin makes theirs, we can reduce it. But while you’re healthy, you should get plenty of chances to score on Atlanta’s offense. Turner is also a lock to get his carries, so it’s a good bet to finish in the top ten again in 2011. It is a safe pick who hate risk.

9. Maurice Jones-Drew, Jaguars

MJD could move up or down next month, depending on how it looks in the preseason. We want to see in the field. If kept completely secret, would be too risky in light of their knee problems. If you are healthy, the little man is potentially the best back in fantasy. We will be watching closely over the next month, but has been limited in practice by the coaching staff so far.

10. Darren McFadden, Raiders

If you promise me sixteen starts McFadden, who climb into the top five… That’s how good it was last season when he was on the field. Unfortunately, RUN-DMC missed three games and remains the healthiest season ever produced for a bit. That said, we like the mini-trend, and we liked what we saw in terms of performance. McFadden was a much better player in 2010 who was in his first two years. He is our tenth round, for the moment.

11. LeGarrette Blount, Buccaneers

Their season does not begin to even three weeks, however, still covered a thousand yards as a rookie, while giving up hints of Carnell Williams. In 2011, Blount will have an even more important that he will own a week. And, defenses cannot accumulate the box all day with Josh Freeman downfield skills. Blount is a solid power back and plays a particularly sweet self. His 2011 prospects are excellent.

12. Frank Gore, 49ers

His skills are beyond doubt. If Gore took the place of LeSean McCoy in Philadelphia, we would like to move to six points. Gore is so good that is in Frisco has not really slowed down. Injuries can only slow this down, and had a serious in 2010 that ended his season in week twelve. He is healthy now and we like what we could do in Jim Harbaugh’s offense. Must be a big step to Jimmy Raye, who was overwhelmed as coordinator in 2010. They are saying all the things they want to hear to get the space gore more often and get involved him in the airstrike. It is common for the coach, talk, but also makes sense in this case. Another potential positive is that Gore does not have a contract for 2012, so you could be playing for big money – that’s a good thing.

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