2011 Bowling For Soup Album

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2011 Bowling For Soup Album2011 Bowling For Soup Album, Seventeen years and so full of life and fun like never before, Bowling for Soup returned once more to the UK to cause a stir, a lot of laughs and try to bring out the smiles in the middle of a downpour in the Download Festival. In a slightly drier, Erik and Chris talked about his excitement at being back at Donington.

“We believe it is one of the best festivals you could be part of. It’s always good to be back,” says Erik. “When you’re on stage you can not even get all the range of what is happening, because they can only take so much at the same time. Then, when you look at the pictures, you realize how big it was.”

“Time goes by so fast too,” adds Chris. For Erik, this is not his first outing in the UK with Bowling for Soup 2011. In April, he and Jaret, along with their respective side projects, delighted his fans with an acoustic tour across the country. “It’s a totally different,” he says. “Tours are very quiet acoustic and cold. Not much, logistics, tracking and not too much fuss. Just a greater breadth of game that is the whole band together. It is a bucket of rock,” he says, noting how she described seeing her live band with the addition of Chris, “You just can not beat that.”

After his acoustic performances, the band released their eleventh studio album full ‘Fishin’ for courts “to what seems to be – and rightly – an overwhelmingly positive response.” It was very good and surprising for us is the first once the entire world that actually seem to be getting good reviews, “says Erik.” People who have traditionally not been very kind to us have been very kind this time. So it’s great. I do not know if we have finally beaten all into submission! ”

“I think this was a little different,” begins Chris, playing in the recording process itself. “We are much closer to home. We usually go somewhere and just take a couple of months, and have adequate time out for him. This time we like to spend a day doing something and eventually we were going home. ”

“By design, we can at any moment over this recording process,” continued Erik. “We booked our study time for the album before it even had actually finished writing and gave us only two weeks in the studio, so they were like” We have these 14 days to 15 songs. “We wanted to get back to a more” two guitars, drums and bass “sound of this album and simply not allow us at any time to catch up a lot of fanciness study and I think it worked in our favor.”

“We usually have one song on each album we’re trying to go for the power ballad, so it is kind of a crazy game of what you normally do or what we have done in the past, “says Chris, playing his latest single” turbulence. ” “This has caught on faster than any other though. We’ve done” when we die and there are so many other rock ballads of energy we have done, but this is what counts. ”

The band recently took the decision to abandon its management, allowing them to deal with their latest releases on their own. For a band that long, it was good to have a new challenge? “One of the best things when we leave Jive is the first thing on their minds was:” We have to go into the studio right now and just make a new album, “begins to Erik, explaining that everything is very positive the experience. “We have to do on our own. This is the first time outside the band and producer of absolutely no one had any input or says something about what was going on in the study. A lot of times being recorded and the label wants to have a day where everyone comes and take a listen before giving their opinions and other things but this time it did not. One of our managers came by the studio one day and even goes beyond the classroom. He did not care to. It was like, “I’m here to say hello and I will let you do your thing.” It was really great not having to worry about trying to sell anyone on the songs that are not even finished yet. ”

Continuing along the lines of the band being well established, what remains of Bowling for Soup accomplish? “You know, things like that are hard to say because we’ve done a lot and we were extremely grateful for everything we’ve accomplished,” Erik says thoughtfully. “If there is something we ‘meet’ on the way, then that’ll be great, but we are still here as if we were 17 years ago and we are still enjoying the ride.”

“I want the money boat,” adds Chris. “We all have money boat. … We can get even boats, yachts want. We all have money yacht. I could see a yacht club. Yachting up with colleagues from our yacht. Yachting up. I I want a yacht! ”

As for Bowling for Soup greatest achievement to date, Erik simply says, “Is that we have managed to stay together for 17 years and remain friends. Ask anyone in a band and is arguably the most achievement of the majority could find. ”

Lost your acoustic tour? Lost your whole download? Fear not. The fun-loving quartet will return later this year to bring fun, mischief and “Fishin ‘for woos his audience back in the UK with his usual enthusiasm and high energy shows!

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