2 Million Fish Dead Maryland

January 7, 2011 by staff 

2 Million Fish Dead Maryland, (AFP) – Five thousand dead blackbirds fell from heaven on the first day of New Year in Arkansas. Then more dead birds have decreased in other states. Then huge fish kills have been found in waterways of the United States many.

And suddenly it became a global phenomenon, with reports of mass mortality of birds and fish in Sweden, Great Britain, Japan, Thailand, and Brazil and beyond.

Jackdaw Doves, jellyfish, red snapper, … it seems that no species is immune.

The conspiracy theorists, religious extremists and alarmists warned that the end was near.

Could it be astronauts test a strong beam of his ward foreigners? The U.S. military is experimenting with energy weapons supplied by satellite?

What about spraying of chemicals, meteor showers, earthquakes or activation of pollutants from oil spills BP in the Gulf of Mexico?

Birds jumped over the search term on the website of the New York Times.

Bloggers responsible for their religious sites with Bible verse, Hosea 4:1-3: “The earth dries up, and all who live in it waste away; the wild beasts, birds in the sky and fish in Sea are swept away. ”

But as speculation disturbed the blogosphere, wildlife experts have rolled their eyes.

“It is not unusual,” said Kristen Schuler, a scientist at the U.S. Geological Survey National Wildlife Health Center.

“There is nothing apocalyptic or anything that is necessarily out of the ordinary for what we see in a given week.”

Indeed, the USGS maintains a log on his website with reports of groups of birds that die each week on average a few tens to thousands.

Regarding the mortality of birds in Arkansas, where local custom is to set off fireworks on the occasion of New Year’s Eve, officials have determined that it was likely that the noise triggered a panic bird fatal.

“It seems unusually loud noises, said shortly before the birds began to fall, caused the birds to flush from a perch,” the USGS National Wildlife Health Center said in a statement released Fish and Arkansas Game Commission website.

“Additional fireworks in the area may have forced the birds to fly at lower altitudes than normal houses and beaten, vehicles, trees and other objects. Blackbirds have poor night vision and are not generally fly at night. ”

In Louisiana, Schuler said he looked like cold could have killed about 500 birds.

Meanwhile, in Maryland, people were frightened by the reports of some two million fish died in the Chesapeake Bay.

But officials were quick to allay such concerns, saying the deaths were the result of a cold snap unusual, combined with an overpopulation of a species known as fish instead.

“Natural causes appear to be the reason of the death of fish,” said a statement from the Ministry of Environment Maryland.

“Spot may have difficulty surviving in colder temperatures, and species? Sensitivity to winter kill is well documented,” he said, noting that the temperatures of surface waters last month has been the coldest for 25 years.

As for the mortality of birds and fish around the world, many are still under investigation.

According to the National Wildlife Federation Doug Inkley, the most common cause of death among birds in mass illness, if pollution and accidents “ordinary” may also trigger large kills. Often people are simply unaware of them.

“Most of the time these areas are not close to human dwellings, as in forests or in the woods,” he said on CNN.

But today’s Internet Age, when almost nothing remains secret, word of mass death of birds has spread with unprecedented speed.

“In 1960, when a group of birds began falling from the sky, it may have been noticed by some people. He may have said in the local newspaper, but he can never have got beyond that,” said Robert Thompson, professor of pop culture at Syracuse University.

“Today, some of these kinds of stories because they are there on the Internet if they are sufficiently compelling that they can immediately jump on the national news,” he said.

“Let’s face it, large quantities of birds falling from the sky or the fish goes belly up is a pretty compelling story.”

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