1995 Government Shutdown Different ?

April 8, 2011 by USA Post 

1995 Government Shutdown, In 1995, political journalism was a different animal. Major news organizations had not yet adopted the web. Bloggers are not important. Politicians could not communicate through Twitter and party fragmentation of the media was incipient (Fox News did not even exist). Republicans see this as an advantage. “Honestly, major newspapers have a stranglehold on political news in 1995,” said Rep. Todd Rokita first year The New York Times. “Now you have cable on both sides.” Andrew Leonard Hall agrees. “Nobody should expect that history would repeat itself. Because the representative Rokita is absolutely right. The media landscape has completely changed … People much easier to choose the reality that we live, and get a copy up by 7 by your favorite blogs and cable channels. ”
No one is sure which party will benefit politically from a government shutdown. Polls suggest that both sides will suffer. But the prevailing consensus in Washington is that the government shutdown of is the crucial historicalanlogy. Voters blamed the Republicans, President Clinton won reelection and Newt Gingrich ate crow. But why limit the comparisons to? Surely there must be other battles to draw budget. And what about other factors such as the role of new media? These are problems of comparison from to 2011.
At the moment of truth, the American public generally favors the president over Congress, which is good for President Obama. But Andrew Kohut, an independent pollster, says that was different. As voted on before the two clashes, Kohut says Obama “has the advantage of Clinton had” because it is “facing an opposition that is not so frowned upon.” In ’95, Clinton not only to avoid blame, “came the people to have a much more positive regarding the Republicans,” said Kohut.
Budget battles happen often. Who’s to say 1995 is the best battle to extrapolate from? This morning, Politico Mike Allen notes an email he received from a former official of the Bush administration. “It’s interesting that everyone is talking about how Clinton won 95 of closure and the loss of the Republicans, as if it were the only budget battle in history. But no one is talking about 41 in danger (broke” read lips “pledge) to avoid closing and re-election in 1990 lost as a result. “Food for thought.
Much of public opinion based on how well the politicians to sell their ideas to the electorate. So how public charisma Boehner, chairman of the House to compare the House Gingrich? Rica Gallen, a former adviser to Gingrich who helped him during the stop 90, the Chicago Tribune gives a quote saying, “Boehner is not Gingrich, who is a good thing, and Obama is not Clinton, who, for Democrats, is one thing bad. “It is also worth noting that the Republicans have a more easy to sell in 2011 than it did in. With the national debt now and $ 14 billion, taking seriously the budget becomes more urgent of a problem.

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