1967 Borders Israel

May 20, 2011 by USA Post 

1967 Borders Israel1967 Borders Israel, Israel has mixed reaction to the approval of President Barack Obama’s support of U.S. long, but rarely said a future Palestinian state based on borders that existed before the 1967 war. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded coolly, saying that to use these borders as a basis for talks with Israel would “unsustainable” because the major population centers are beyond those lines. Not everyone in Israel agrees. Tzipi Livni, opposition leader and former foreign minister who head the Kadima movement, Netanyahu also complained that Obama’s vision for peace talks.

“A U.S. president who supports a two-state solution represents the interests of Israel and not anti-Israel,” Livni said. “The President’s call to begin negotiations Obama represents the interests of Israel.”

In addition to saying “the borders of Israel and Palestine must be based on the 1967 borders,” Obama said peace talks would include “the swaps by mutual agreement, so that secure and recognized borders, are set for both states.”

Israel captured the West Bank, Gaza and the Golan Heights and Sinai Peninsula in the 1967 war.

“The U.S. believes that the negotiations should lead to two states, Palestinian permanent borders with Israel, Jordan and Egypt, and permanent borders of Israel and Palestine,” said Obama in the final section of his 45-minute speech that provides political and radical social change throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

Other political figures in Israel responded along predictable partisan lines.

Open deputy spokesman of the Israeli Knesset, or parliament, and Likud party member, Danny Danon excoriated Obama for proposing along the 1967 borders. He said in a statement that Obama had “taken infamous Yasser Arafat” Phases Plan and the hope of eventually eliminating the State of Israel from the map. ”

Stage Plan refers to a document Palestine Liberation Organization politician’s talk of a binational state that many in Israel believed it was a ploy of staging more attacks on Israeli targets.

Einat Wilf, a member of the Knesset Foreign Affairs Committee, sounded a much more conciliatory tone, however.

Independence Party member said that Obama’s speech confirms the principle that the Palestinians should recognize Israel as the homeland of the Jewish people. ”

She also said it reaffirmed that the only way to achieve a Palestinian state through direct negotiations with Israel, and said it is very important that Obama said that the Palestinians walked away from negotiations.

The opinions were varied in the freewheel means Israel too.

An editorial in the Jerusalem Post noted Obama’s reference to the delicate question of the right of return of Palestinian refugees, writing, “disturbing, not specify that the Palestinian refugee problem must be solved in a new ‘Palestine’, no in Israel. ”

Columnist Nahum Barnea and Shimon Shiffer, writing in the pages of mass circulation daily Yedioth Aronoth, said the focus on the 1967 borders was a “distraction.”

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