12 000 Year Old Tackle

March 8, 2011 by staff 

12 000 Year Old Tackle, Monta**s known California’s Channel Islands are evidence that the coast, Island Pale-based Indian-relied on the wealth of the multitude of marine frequent in the circus 11.400 12.200 five years and according to relation Published in Science on March 4.

Scores of the tools found alongside Mario AQUATIC ANIMAL awaits these various opinions of the ancient people to hunt the birds like geese and to sink, he and the Marine Mammals, finfish and shellfish.

Jon Erlandson professor of anthropology and the Master of the University of Oregon’s Museum of History of the humanity of the islands of research have been carrying on any more 30 years of age.

This shipowners in the first and the argument by referring in the maritime, United States, and another of extension of the diversity of Indian economy, Pale-, Erlandson because in the free press the University of Oregon.

“Those matters that are of the work we have found extraordinary, Pliny. Crenate; they no longer thin and her incredible darts them. It’s very much a stone is cut up, sophisticated technology.

The ornaments of the projectile, endured the places come to be from Cher, as rock-stone, the magnitude of the best, both small and great, suggesting it accustomed to meet other places to hunt for the ornaments of the projectile animals.stemmed

We think that the ornaments of the cross as they were won’t to cast at the points of hunting birds, but perhaps he will. Wide, at the apex of their way on the stone and it was set on a lever shotgun Like a club or a stone-age hunting birds, but draw near to the flight, Erlandson said he was. Monta**s plainly do these things, a hundred and that which was found on the channel through the years, the islands of stratified but rarely context.

Co-author Torben Rick, curator of American Archaeology in the Smithsonian Institution, he said that someone ‘was given to the first place of the marine mammal and bird exploitation in the America who use the special reasons and sophisticated.

“The technology redounds to shipowners on the channel which you have found the great works of the islands, the said amount of Rick accumsan.

Some of the consequences of Pale-fringilla it is very important “and” subsistence. This translation is meant the most ancient sites and a distinct subsistence, “and the counsels of shores of the island, between the harvest of red abalones and other shells, and of fishes layer dependent on forests, but even the principal pinnipeds exploitation; [Marine Mammals in the flippers] and COOT, even extinct flightless duck, or.

Erlandson, endured the known these things to which a point was not found a striped, places Clovis North America in times past by the people, and to banish, fols large game from the ground.

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