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February 2, 2010 by USA Post 

1 Song On My Birthday | 1 song on the feast of AD, the number one song on the day of AD, the number one song on the day he was born, what was the Cardinal one song the day of Eid AD, Cardinal one song in the holiday of birth, and one core on AD, 1 hit a day in advance you built in

“It’s my party” is the best song that leaves no room for clarification by an American companion, Leslie Gore in 1963. This song hit # 1 on the pop music and accent and archive index in the United States. [1]. “It’s My Party”, the patient # 9 in the United Kingdom, and Gore alone is highly acceptable and beaten there. It was clear in relation to indigenous beaten Ambassador Quincy Jones.

First of all, and I gotta say that I have up this anthology are down because they anachronous Lil ‘Wayne. Acumen as a warning about the demands openness that I have been in isolation will agree to do it. He said that the reality …

Beats, is that one or two high win by pound (of no limits), but this does not necessarily mean that will bring them good. All of them boring … All boring. Let me say once and added:

Rap songs and B-bit is the article I’ve never felt, and it did not show us is paramount. So if you bend the ears of normal as well as to clarify who is in the best conditions on the border, this anthology is for you! : D said it “put 150% in this album” and that “I accept the love and hostility A change [that ... let me turn to the judges ... Yes ..." Emotions "and" feelings "on what we alert" synonyms "] and I am in every aspect of this project,” know that “we could see people show us grew up at all.”

Shows us just like he said, within the amount of accountability is not true. It goes on to explore how a selection of her big ass is pointing to the stupors hit with scathing criticism on Lil ‘Wayne! In addition to this anthology presents austerity demands of change and assimilation and refinement, they grow up of songs like “Da Badist btch”, “Da Club” and “Sexy Gurl” to “However Badist da”, “I got a bottle”, and “hot goods core “.

I was expecting with such an amount of accountability, said it wants to accept some of the beats and plentiful, or to the descendants of traffic, or in the Agency, which can tell you “at the club, I’d like this” … But, let me repeat, and beats boring. The best one so far is “I got a bottle,” which appears alone because Missy Elliot is proof she will accept the claim of giving a public slap to win bad, and again suffocated them in the clothing worn by crispy in the movie “Rain”.

Frankly, I did not accept to get away with extracts to arrest what it appears to be April 1st.

I expect paradox relating to the allocation of albums impress me bad. In the “post again” appears to be an absolute insult that Wayne and alone, “fell in adulation with my ass / King magazine, I fell in adulation with my ad,” but they talk about the ass in the atom splitting from her music, as well as splitting eventually Bosha, and animal gray matter of fact, there are references to things like the ridiculous “to dump in the Nega.”

Outside of the irony, and she has some of the curve off a selection of entertainment ever. “We look back at me” has some of the more entertaining. Curve of the few that I had been vomiting “Licky, licky, licky, licky, licky for an hour / I’ma rain done for you, here’s a golden shower / It is the smell like a flower, my bobcat is a rising / Come a little closer, I want to exercise sex with your nose. ” My assumption is that it is stressing the show off as a whim, and it was stressing, once again, and told accurately adviser in the face with a advance in the song, but the exact distribution of the song, and go with great joy of the total for the hilarious. I fixed that anyone eaten bobcat, either intentionally or unintentionally, has been having sex with luscious nose, but this article in isolation you do not say verbally, certainly for me, which pictures a man in isolation arc bad algid sneezing to cnt.

To “clear it out,” it reminds me of back in isolation rapper who were not already done bit of rap money. They make claims such as adventure, “If they were talking, and I would talk” and “1,000 dollar shoes and jewelry Union, the Representative of the dollar bed with a pond.” And can be followed for best song “because of [insert Lil 'Wayne, Rick Ross, Trick or father here].” It’s absorbed by itself to add the names of known for a period of time, the approach where it was handed. Hmmm … Indeed, show us? Really?

One thing is definite idea added: “Phone Sexx” two of the X because it is not clear, such as “look back at me,” and absolutely corrupt in the code (more than rap crap and B). Frankly, it makes me at all for ambition “Ayo Technology” … Or greater after the “digital down” by N * Sync. Oh, and the Task “sexin ‘your body” has been trumped me laugh, and would appear in fact to do so.

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