$1.1 Million Bus

August 17, 2011 by USA Post 

$1.1 Million Bus$1.1 Million Bus, President Obama has recorded more than 300 miles in the rural Midwest so far in the main Republican candidate, Mitt Romney is calling its “Magic Tour misery.” The bus trip of three days will President Obama throughout Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois.

However, many are more interested in the mystery that any economic misery. The mystery is, of course, what kind of bus and purchase 1.1 million. The imposing size of Greyhound bus is black with dark windows and red and blue police lights.

The Secret Service refuses to disclose many details about the design, but has said it has characteristics similar to the usual walk to Obama, The Beast. The tricked-out Cadillac known as The Beast looks like a regular limo, but is built more like a tank.

If the Obama bus is similar to the beast, which has the tank-like armor and technology. For example, the Beast is 8 inches thick side armor, bulletproof glass special and kevlar-reinforced tires. The tires are mounted on specially designed tires can continue driving, even if the tires are missing.

As the beast, the bus is probably tight and is likely to have a fire suppression system advanced, oxygen tanks, and is built to withstand a chemical attack.

In the case of a medical emergency, blood bags probably Obama carried on board the same way as are the beast.

With more space than the beast, the bus will probably have more defensive tricks up the sleeve chambers of the Beast of night vision, shotguns and tear gas guns.

The electronics and communications is no doubt state of the art and are confident of repeating the Beast hotline satellite phone to the Vice President and the Pentagon.

The Secret Service uses a fund for transport and armored vehicles to buy two of these buses Hemphill Brothers Coach Company for a total of 2,191,960 y. No word on whether the company will do more, but Cadillac says the beast would not do for any particular customer or foreign country stating that the design is “very private and secret.” It is likely that these buses are of the same class and will remain so.

While 2.2 million might seem expensive, which is expected to be more expensive than normal buses leased over a period of ten years, and a secret service official involved chartered buses are not safe enough, saying “we have not been satisfied with the level of protection afforded by the leased buses. ”

And not just for the President. The second bus is expected to be used by Republican presidential candidate, and both eventually be used for visiting dignitaries and government officials and future candidates.

But until the Secret Service released details, the actual technology inside the bus Obama remains a mystery.

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